Judge Jeanine Rips Biden’s $6 Trillion Spending Bill

When the pandemic first hit, we all knew Democrats would look at it as an opportunity to spend.  

Even with Republicans holding the Senate, Democrats managed to ram through massive spending bills, backing Trump into a corner.  

With Dems now having unfettered power, they have opened the checkpoints to unprecedented levels, which is where Judge Jeanine Pirro went to work to expose how out of control this administration is right now. 

Write a Check! 

If you heard Joe Biden’s speech before Congress this week, you got a taste of how Democrats plan to get the country out of this mess, but it makes no sense.  

Democrats want to continue to spend more money, trillions, digging this country into a hole that will take generations to recover.  

This new system will more or less give the government complete control of our lives.  

As Pirro stated, “from cradle to grave,” the government wants control.  

Pirro blows it all wide open in her most recent “Opening Statement…”

This administration has done far more damage in 100 days than any of us thought possible, as Pirro pointed out.  

The good news is that even Democrats are starting to get worried, with Senator Manchin (D-W.V.) expressing concern regarding the out-of-control spending.  

There is only one way we can truly stop this, however, and that is to take at least one chamber of Congress back in 2022, preferably both, to put up a roadblock against Biden until we can take the White House back in 2024.  

Source: Fox News 

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39 Responses

  1. Hooray Judge U nailed it day 1 & U can go on & on.
    Great Depression 2 ahead.
    OK GOP Unite here or lose 2022

    1. Judge Jeanine must demand that Biden impeachment proceedings start now to stop the damage to our country… HelpJudge Jeanine out, email your reps in Congress now!

  2. when is someone going to take him down? and is reckless administration……. God help us all

    we have a traitor for our leader…..

    1. And they put him there by fraud. It is Obama and Soros that are running our country – into the ground, along with people like Gates and their vaccines.

  3. Thank goodness we have a great spoke person in JUDGE JEANINE.
    Hers is the best show on T.V.I applaud her and her knowledge. Keep ‘
    up the great work JUDGE!God Bless!!

  4. How can we “take back” the house when illegals, dead people and corrupted voting machines are working against us?

  5. Those that supported Joe Biden & the crony Democrats gave their rights away by giving full power to a radical party….it’s no longer the JFK party.

    1. Why do you think that the CIA (?) murdered president John Kennedy and pinned it on the hapless Oswald with the B.S. 900 page Warren commission report? Also, how did two planes flying into two structures designed expressly to withstand such planes flying into them, and THEN, obviously CONTROLLED DEMOLITION of THREE Trade Center Buildings attributed to the two planes? There are so many unanswered questions of this government which is supposed to be the beacon of truth.

      1. Yeah 911 was an implosion event no planes or squander of planes could have ever have caused those bldg to collapse like they did. They were all rigged ahead of time. What the hell is wrong with these White House idiots?

    2. The Democrat party of old is long gone. The current one is full of corruption and will do anything (and, I do mean ANYTHING) to keep control of our nation. Look at what they did to Trump and the election fraud! I hope that is proved soon and arrests can be made swiftly afterwards!

  6. Finally we have someone with smarts unlike the present administration who are destroying our country each day,hopefully others will jump on board with her and try to get others to realize the destruction Biden and his cronies are doing

  7. We need to do something now!!!! These radical rulers need to be taken down and hung for treason. Why can’t 80 million people do this. These people are not legally in their positions, they cheated, bribed and lied. Why as an American people are we allowing this!!!!’

  8. Judge Jeanine: Well Said; Well done. We – the USA – need you AND More like you.
    Illegal POTUS – BuyDumb – is not only a disgrace to the USA, but also to the so-called democrats AND Himself. Impeachment would be too good for him. And as for the Southern Border Crisis: BuyDumb refuses to view it and sends his President of Vice; Harris, down to control it, but she hasn’t the “time” go there, or to do ANYTHING of any Value for the Country, which pays her Salary for doing —WHAT????? NOTHING !!!

    1. Judge Jeanine: knows what she’s talking about!, HOWEVER, AMERICAS major problem is “VOTING “ is a “PRIVILEGE “ a RIGHT for ADULTS 18 & UP, So many Americans feel that VOTING is a waste of TIME!, Being a RETIRED MILITARY person , I can tell you too VOTE TAKES TIME & EFFORT!, meaning HOW MANY VOTERS REALLY KNOW WHOM THEIR VOTING FOR, other than ( MOUTH TO EAR FROM ?) RESEARCHING THEIR CANDIDATES?, Which is not done, It takes a lot of RESEARCHING A CANDIDATE FOR OFFICE?, just to pick one is not Voting!, KNOWING WHAT YOUR CANDIDATE IS GOING TO DO FOR YOUR Local, State, Federal Government SHOULD BE YOUR TOP PRIORITY WHEN CASTING YOUR BALLOT!, FOR YOUR CANDIDATE. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  9. biden ( i refuse to call “him” president.(since the “so called” election was OBVIOUSLY stolen) is nothing less than a anti Amrican ,communist, demented,scumbag.( as is his ENTIRE trash family) ALL thieves , and lying commies !! I guess my post WILL be “moderated” out of existence !!!

  10. They can’t beat true Americans even with stolen elections so they will spend us broke while much of the spent is trickling back into their pockets through their spouses businesses????

  11. I don’t understand why she hasn’t run for a seat in Congress. I’ve always loved the fact she doesn’t hold back. She’s a lot like Trump. She speaks her mind. We don’t need someone who twist things and makes it sound so appealing. We need Truth. What we really need is a plan. All of us veterans are ready for the fight of our lives. However we know everything will get twisted and out of hand. There are more sheep than wolves. Protecting our freedoms are more important now than they have ever been. How do we stand up when so many are willing to give it all away? Remember this when you go to bed each night. You probably don’t worry about your door being kicked in. Or missiles like ghting up the night sky. You probably never ask yourself is this the night our home will be set in fire or have bombs dropped upon us. You sleep at night securely. You do that because of me and and millions other Veterans. We took that fear for you. We protected you from all that it could have been. We gave you that freedom, security. We gave all, some more than others. We scraficed, our families scraficed. You are snuggled under that blanket of freedom. We call her ol Glory! So think about that when you are giving always or bowing down to these people who are trying to brainwash you. So many people feel they are being grateful when they say thanks for your service. DONT SAY THST. We don’t want to hear it. WHAT WE WANT IS FOR YOU TO STAND WITH US. STOP GIVING AWAY THE VERY THING MANY DIED TO GIVE YOU. We want you to be out voice here. We need you to stand for freedom, justice, rule of law, live your country, love each other. ITS ONE TEAM! ONE FIGHT.

  12. Agree with all posts! Where are the civilian militia groups? Why aren’t they making their voices heard? We need them on the border to keep illegals out.

  13. This is as simple as I can make it, Biden is a f–king disaster and the the absolute dumbest bastard to ever walk!!

  14. Judge Jeanine knows a phony when she sees one. She spotted Joe Biden right out of the gate. She isn’t shy about exposing many of his Democrat Communist who want to be Rulers like their friends in Russia and China.

  15. Robert J Sage Biden has got to be impeached he is a fraud he does not belong there and he has doing great damage to the nation by not being required to pay back the money and the damage she is doing to this nation the Democratic Party must be brought to task for the things they are doing to the
    To the people of this nation and our government Democrats have got to be brought to task and it’s got to happen soon if it does not we will be at war!

  16. I heard a rumor that Beijing buydumb is considering a partnership with some of the Mexican cartels for border security. Has anyone else heard anything about this?

  17. This gal is the best. I look for any thing on line that she has to say. Keep up the good work. Im behind you 100%.

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