Judge Rules Against January 6 Evidence Database

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) may have just been dealt a crushing blow regarding her January 6 committee.

Judge Beryl Howell has denied the request by the Department of Justice for a database to be kept by a private contractor.

The judgment was based on federal rules that prohibit private companies from having access to such material.

Sorry, Not Sorry

The database in question would be used to prosecute cases against January 6 rioters and would have undoubtedly been used in Pelosi’s Select Committee that is “investigating” the events of that day.

In the ruling, Judge Howell wrote, “Undoubtedly, the government has a genuine need for the highly technical expertise offered by Deloitte to provide litigation support and process efficiently the cumbersome myriad forms of electronic data collected in investigating the Capitol attack.”

In its effort to privatize the database, Biden’s DOJ was hoping an exception would be made, but the judge disagreed.

The judge, however, did not rule out the government getting help from the private firm, just that the government’s assertation “cannot be stretched to include a private contractor such as Deloitte, no matter how compelling the need for disclosure may be.”

We will continue to monitor this to see if the DOJ approaches this from a different angle and represents the request to the court.

Source: The Epoch Times

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6 Responses

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  2. how can anyone be prosecuted for the riot when peolosi was asked to provide police support and she refused, she is the one that needs jail time and kicked out her position as speaker of the house. this is just one of the many crimes she is guilty of.

  3. I agree as well. Pelosi carries a BIG part of the blame for what happened that day! She wants to control the narrative so people don’t find out the real truth of the matter. Pelosi played partisan politics! She needs to resign. She needs to be held accountable for all of her criminal activities, not the least of which is TREASON!! Don’t forget, she’s been feeding her husband insider information. They both need to be sentenced to many years in prison!!!

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