Justice Barrett Worried About Public Perception of the Court

The animosity aimed at this Court from both sides of the aisle and media is unprecedented.

Having said that, the attacks from the left and media have been relentless in trying to paint the current Court members as completely biased.

Justice Amy Coney Barrett addressed this during a recent appearance, stating that she is extremely worried the Court is now being perceived as partisan.

Do We Have a Fair Court?

I will be the first to admit that I have not been happy with every decision this Court has offered.

I have also stated many times over that I don’t necessarily need to be happy with the Court as long as the decision is fair.

I will also admit that I believe Trump’s appointees have made some decisions out of fear of backlash, but I have also stated that will pass over time.

This would be defined as a flawed court at times, but not partisan.

The current members of the Court do not get credit by the left when they cross over; the media simply ignores the headline.

Yet, when they offer a decision that is considered aligned with conservative values, they are called partisan hacks, which was Barret’s point.

While giving a lecture at the University of Louisville’s McConnell Center, Justice Barrett stated, “To say the court’s reasoning is flawed is different from saying the court is acting in a partisan manner.

“I think we need to evaluate what the court is doing on its own terms.”

I am already on record stating that I believe the current makeup of this Court is by far the fairest we have seen in a long time.

I stand by that assessment and believe it will be proven out over time, even if I do not like some recent decisions or decisions handed down in the future.

The simple truth is that none of us will ever be happy with EVERY decision, but we need to look at the body of work rather than overreacting to any single decision.

Give them time… that is all I am saying.

Source: Fox News & Newsmax

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17 Responses

  1. I am disappointed because the Supreme Court never took proven documents concerning the election and investigated it. Anyone should know something went wrong!!!!

  2. That is the problem with conservative women, they are concerned with perception. I don’t see the ugly liberal women concerned about anything. F the “Supreme Court.”

  3. Barrett is Deep State Stain on our Nation! Good friends with the CLINTON CRIME FAMILY! President Trump did his job. He EXPOSED them ALL! Tick Tock! The World is Watching!

  4. They should be concerned about perception. It is evident that they have ruled according to their personal beliefs, rather than the Constitution. If when they were appointed, the Congress and the Senate had voted by personal beliefs, the last three appointed would probably not be on the bench. It is very evident that a closer look should have been taken at all of them. Her perception of the current bench is totally misconstrued. If earlier judges were still on the bench, we would not be in the mess we are in right now.

  5. Look at all the fraud cases now that they wasn’t interested in videos people cheating suit cases full of ballots & people on video stuffing ballot boxes an people now going to jail for fraud they wasn’t interested an CITY’S &Counties change in the rules at last minute to add more ballots & no way TALABON JOE GOT 80 MILLION VOTES NO ONE TRUST ANYTHING THE GOVERNMENT OR THE SUPREME COURT YOU COULD HAVE DONE SOMETHING BUT YOU CHICKEN OUT THERE WERE PLENTY OF EVIDENCE OF FRAUD AMERICANS HAVE BEEN SCREWED

    1. You got That right!. The Supreme court is so corrupted that there will NEVER again be any JUSTICE in America. They choose to ignore any cases of election fraud because it may displease their puppeteers. They are afraid of retaliation. Why don’t we just illiminate the Supreme Court? They are USELESS! Supreme Court really IS the laughing stock of America. (besides chinajoe, of course).

  6. MUCH OF THE RECENT CRITICISM HAS COME FROM THE RADICAL DEMS WHO WANT TO CHANGE OUR FORM OF GOVERNMENT! THE COURT NEEDS TO HEAR SIGNIFICANT CASES, AND ADJUDICATE WITHOUT REGARD TO RACE, OR POLITICS! Their job is to make decisions that are fair TO ALL CITIZENS, regardless of what the political media says! We ALL KNOW the DEMS have made EVERYTHING POLITICAL! We just want to retain our rights, and not see our Constitution trampled. If a state legislature wants to limit abortion, that is the RIGHT OF THE STATE and they should not be punished by the federal government!

  7. You took the easy road and did not address the election fraud. You are a poor role model for women or is it somehow connected to papa and his mob brothers in Chicago?

  8. Had the SC actually done their job and FOLLOWED the CONSTITUTION as is their job is supposed to be done by , you know the actual proofs of the voter fraud with its actual evidences in videos, signed sworn statements from on-site election workers, Dominion videos, and all of the rest of the evidences. Heard the cases from the suits from the states that filed against all this fraud, our country would not be in this mess that it’s in right now! So YES SHE SHOULD BE VERY WORRIED about her job!!!!!!!’

  9. We no longer have a Supreme Court they have failed in doing there job’s! They need to be thrown out there nothing but puppets for the Democrat’s!

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  11. If the Justices have any power or authority to remove Biden and his entire staff over his handling or should I say mishandling getting our fellow Americans out of Afganistan before they are all executed do it ASAP,,this is inhumane and disgraceful,,ACT NOW!,

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