Justice Amy Coney Barrett Declines to Block Vaccine Mandate

Donald Trump’s Supreme Court legacy just took a massive blow courtesy of Justice Amy Coney Barrett.

Barrett had the opportunity to challenge forced vaccines, and she declined.

A group of Indiana University students challenged mandated vaccines, but Coney Barrett declined to allow the case to go to the Supreme Court, upholding the lower court rulings that the mandates can stand.

The Case

There are two different questions this decision addresses.

The first is the conservative stance that vaccines should not be mandated due to personal freedoms.

The second centers around honoring precedent, something Coney Barrett vowed to do during her confirmation period.

When Indiana University mandated vaccines for students in the upcoming fall semester, it put a 1905 Supreme Court ruling to the test.

In that case, the Supreme Court ruled that states could permit smallpox vaccinations.

When the Indiana University case went to court, that 1905 case was cited for the ruling against the plaintiffs in the current case.

Comey Barrett declined to take this case to the Supreme Court due to that precedent.

She immediately faced the wrath of conservatives for her decision.

Here are just a few of the tweets that went out after the decision was rendered…

Most conservatives I know are not anti-vaccination, but they also believe this should be a personal choice, so even though there is a precedent, this decision will not sit well with them.

The real question that needs to be answered is equating COVID to smallpox in the mandating of a vaccine.

For now, Amy Coney Barrett has decided that as far as legalities are concerned, they are one and the same.

Sources: The Blaze & New York Post

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16 Responses

    1. I have read a few articles where Democrats pretend they are Republicans so they get elected. EVIL. Most of the Liberals are evil. They do not care one whit about the American People, only themselves. How they look themselves in the mirror is beyond me.

  1. I would send my kids to a communist institute any how they will learn more by working a trade where reading writing and math is taught I will not give in to Marxism or communism

  2. The smallpox & polio vaccines were mandated in order to save lives: this is a precedent & judge Barrett is right. It has nothing to do with freedom of whatever! The students should have done their research. Mandated vaccines will save lives & end the pandemic

    1. How can you honestly say that ? This so called pandemic has a survival rate of 99.9 percent! So it’s not really a pandemic! It’s a made up word to scare people that don’t have common sense! Those that do know why this was released! It’s all about one world order one ruler you being a subject nothing more! Got nothing to do with saving lives they could care less ! If they was concerned why are they dumping illegals all around the country that’s tested positive for covid ! SHEEP BAAAAA

  3. Amy, Take it from a 93 year old High School Graduate. The Problem I have with LAWYERS, is they let the law at times take president over what is RIGHT. Could it be that in 1905 these legal minds were WRONG. Or just MAYBE there were other circumstances in 1905. Remember there was a time we LEGALLY hung a person for stealing a HORSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. It is so disgusting to see so called conservatives turn traitors to their oath’s of office and the Constitution! President Trump had so very many terrible advisors who tricked him so badly! Barrett was one of the many appointees with a yellow jello backbone and who are intimidated by the Communist Democrats or who are one of them! The Supreme Court has been hurt more by traitor so called Conservative judges that by the Commie Liberal ones! DISGUSTING AND UNPATRIOTIC!!!!! The Commies are taking over, time to end that.

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