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Justice Kavanaugh Denies Illinois GOP Request to Hold Large Campaign Rallies

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh may soon find himself the target of conservative attacks.

Kavanaugh was recently tasked with deciding on Illinois GOP political rally size.

On Saturday, Kavanaugh denied the emergency appeal submitted by Illinois GOP lawmakers to override the governor’s restrictions on political gatherings.

Surprising Decision

Kavanaugh has been on the front lines of several decisions revolving around the sizes of religious gatherings during the pandemic.

When he was tasked with deciding on this emergency injunction, most probably assumed his decision would fall on the side of the GOP and not the Democrat governor of Illinois.

They were wrong, though, as Kavanaugh ruled against the injunction and did so without comment.

After the decision was handed down, Matt Podgorski, the chairman of the Northwest Side GOP Club and one of the plaintiffs in the case, stated, “For now, the Northwest Side GOP Club will respect Justice Kavanaugh‘s denial of an emergency injunction.

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“Our case and our plea are very straightforward.

“The governor of Illinois is arbitrarily picking and choosing which parts of the First Amendment he wants to protect and which he wants to violate.

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“His executive order denies the Northwest Side GOP Club of both our 1st Amendment rights of freedom of assembly and freedom of (political) speech in the form of political activity and our 14th Amendment rights of equal protection under the law.”

Schaumburg Township Republican Committeeman Joseph Folisi, another plaintiff in the case, stated, “We are obviously disappointed that we did not receive the temporary injunction we were seeking.

“Nonetheless, our attorneys are proceeding with the lawsuit and will be filing a motion next week for an expedited briefing schedule in the 7th Circuit on the preliminary injunction.

“We believe that the governor’s orders are a significant infringement of our first amendment rights and that we will prevail in our lawsuit.”

Tough Defeat

This is a significant blow to the Illinois GOP, as it had won this case at the county level.

On April 8, Clay County Judge Michael McHaney ruled Governor Pritzker’s was void.

Pritzker, however, has prevailed at the federal level as well as this first bout on the Supreme Court.

Source: Fox News & Washington Examiner

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