Kamala Harris Claims She’s Been to Border, But She Hasn’t as VP

Kamala Harris had a rather interesting interview with a friendly audience that did not go exactly as planned.

Harris sat down with “Today” and Lester Holt discussing the border.

Holt actually called Harris out on not visiting the border, and her response was an outright lie.

But You Haven’t

Holt tempered the question as much as possible and set Harris up well, but she was so shocked that he even asked, she panicked.

He asked her about the Republican attacks against her for not going to the border, with the assumption being having gone to the border in her current role, not as a Senator.

She answered, “We’ve been to the border.

“So this whole thing about the border. We’ve been to the border. We’ve been to the border.”

Here is the full interview, but pay particular attention to how she goes completely sideways on this issue, even after Holt calls her out and challenges her answer.

It is as though she cannot believe something she is saying is being challenged…

Harris has doubled down on this as well, telling reporters, “Look, I’ve been to the border, and I will go again,” after her meeting with President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador of Mexico.

What makes this even better is that Harris had called visits to the border a “grand gesture” earlier, yet the only time she has actually been to the border was in 2018 as a grand gesture to attack Trump.

Harris is a clown show and thankfully, the media is finally getting sick of her ridiculous answers and calling her out when they know she is blatantly lying.

Slowly but surely, both she and Biden are getting exposed as complete frauds and liars.

Give them enough time, and they will ensure that conservatives get control back of our government.

Sources: Washington Examiner & The Blaze

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26 Responses

  1. Kammie is a JOKE, both domestically and overseas. I don’t want her “pretending” to represent America. Please — NO, PRETTY PLEASE, will someone come up with a way of taking her out of office ?!?!?

    1. If it wasn’t for LYING the Kamala Spread Eagle would be Unable to utter a single word!!! I wonder what she “THOUGHT” (if she can) at seeing the “TRUMP WON SIGN” at th Guatemala airport !!!!

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  2. “Give them time and they will ensure that conservatives get control back of our government.” However, American is being ruined. It will take years to fix what the President and VP has done in six months.

  3. This woman isn’t capable of running a lauderomat never mind our country,she’s a total has-been and a joke,around the world people are laughing at us with this administration

  4. It’s happening, slowly, but at least it’s starting. People are tired of the lies from the biden/harris communist regime, even lester holt from msm is seeing the disaster that is biden/harris communist regime!!! THANK GOD!!!

    1. Yes, we can’t wait too long because so much has happened in such a short time. Biden needs to negotiate with Putin and not give everything to get nothing for America. We need strong leadership for respect.

      1. You clearly are delusional if you expect Biden to do anything except to help Russia. That’s what bribes do. He already gave them a pipeline to Europe and taking our fuel away. It’s like going to a gun fight but you have no ammo.

  5. What good will it do for Harris to come to the southern border???? It won’t change a thing because the open border is what Communist/democrats want !!! Their plan is to cover the United States up with as many illegals as possible and turn it into a 3rd world country like the ones these aliens are from. It appears the United States will just be another Latin American Country like those to our south with a dictator in the White House !!! Poverty will reign supreme along with disease, crime and homelessness. This is what stupid DEMOCRATS VOTED FOR !!!!

  6. Maybe in her mind she’s been to the border which she repeated. Why she doesn’t understand the question is ridiculous. I think they didn’t want to address the situation until enough people came in. She’s thinking people are ignorant enough to just accept what she says. How many lives were lost taking the journey that we don’t know about? Children abandoned, some paid to come with the cartel & some probably trafficking. Who benefits from this, not the American people. We have too many homeless people here that are American citizens already that need help too. We’ve been through a pandemic and they want us to be vaccinated but are these people vaccinated as well? So many questions that are not being answered.

  7. The problem isn’t Biden or Harris! The problem is the voting process! These clowns will get in again unless we demand a validated voting system.

    1. Everyone should show & have an ID to vote. It’s always been this way where I live. And the voting needs to be done in one day only. No exceptions, put vote early if by mail but with proper ID too. If you need ID for cigarettes, alcohol, I think a Presidential or any election is important that they’re counted correctly. These people work for us.

    2. Anthony Manzo
      Bucko, there is as I see it only ONE way to do that. Don’t let Politicians write the Voting Laws. I – they have a Horse in the Race and you can’t TRUST them. 2 – They are not INTELLIGENT ENOUGH !!! 2 – We need a committee of say NINE. Men like Professer Derchiaitz, Turly, Hanson and others like them. People who Know/ Understand the CONSTITUTION and are INTELLIGENT. 3 – Change the voting Day from the first Tuesday in Nov. to the FIRST WEEK in OCT. this will help the snow states a better chance of good weather. NO EARLY VOTING. 4 You vote LIVE in PERSON with VOTER PHOTO ID on Day designated alphabetically by your LOCAL DISTRICK Etc. Etc, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. So as a USEFUL IDIOT she is a Perfect Match for the Demented Joe whose Cognitive Acumen is slighly below that of an AMOEBA…..Where will we see Kammy appear next??? China?? Moscow or some BORDELLO JOINT to visit OLd Customers??? aKA that Toilet called CALIPHORNIA ?

  9. This is how intelligent these Dems are. Heels Up says she’s been to the border even though EVERYONE ON EARTH KNOWS SHE HASN’T. Not quite bright enough to realize the entire planet sees her as a liar just like her boss.

  10. She is a democrat, lying is so normal for them to do. She has been such a habitual serial lier, it comes to her so natural she doesn’t that realize most every one around her can instantly pickup on the lies the instant she spits them out. No more then a typical hipacritical lying two faced DEMO-RAT, just like and just a bad as bit-me biden.

  11. Sociopath-she knows exactly what she’s doing. Just counting the days until Biden kicks off and she can finish the job and bankrupt the country. She and Joe both have mental issues-as if we all can’t tell-so obvious. Can we say dark-haired bimbo instead of the usual blonde bimbo???? Hope the people in the back of the plane didn’t choke on her cookies…nod, nod, wink, wink…What else was she doing in the back of the plane???

  12. Biden and Harris are like two peas in a pod when it comes to lying! And they are supposed to be president/vice president of our country? Ye gods! Just read that he said, “I sometimes forget I am the president.” Oh come on, Joe, your nose is growing bigger and bigger and bigger every time you open your mouth!

  13. What difference does it make if she goes to the border? She won’t do anything about except maybe whisper don’t come .. She should say” we are full and you will be deported, Stay out “

  14. Of course she’s lying because democrats can’t open their mouths without lying. The only time they are not lying is when their mouths are closed.

  15. why hasn’t national news shown the rest of the country how bad it is for the Americans living adjacent to the border. it’s got to be bad, I’m glad I’m thousands of miles away from that mess, there is no chance of ever starting to get a handle on that problem until the rest of America see’s the suffering of the people living it. I’d bet property value down there is zilch. God bless and protect our own down there on the whole southern border

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