Kamala Harris Lists DC Condo for Sale

I think I may have figured out why Kamala Harris is staying out of the limelight.

Even though Biden touts her as his equal, to the point of demanding the media now call it the Biden-Harris administration, and Harris is supposed to be running point on the border crisis, it has been weeks since Harris made a media appearance.

That could be because she is tying up some personal business and making a tidy profit in the process.

Sell It

Now that Kamala Harris and Doug Emhoff are living in digs paid for by the taxpayer, there is no need to have their own home.

So, Harris has already sold her San Francisco home and now she is trying to get rid of her D.C. condo as well.

Harris is not stupid, and she knows her home will get far more as the current resident at the Naval Observatory than it would otherwise.

This was proven when she unloaded her San Francisco condo for $860,000, almost doubling her original purchase price from 2004, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The DC digs are up for $1.995 million, more than $200,000 over what Harris paid for the property in 2017.

We all know there are idiots out there that will pay far more than a home is worth simply to say they are living in Kamala’s old digs, so it is not really a surprise to see her try to cash in on her new status and make a few extra bucks while living on our dime.

Source: Wall Street Journal & New York Post

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17 Responses

      1. Mental Biden and the street wh<re want last that long, because people are getting tired of their crap, and before long you will here of two body bags needed for these two morons.

  1. i did not vote for Biden- he is more concerned about the hispanic kids who are in a army shelter than american kids who;’s parents voted for him. DOES THIS MAKE SENSE??????? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kamaltoe is a con and a traitor. Like the rest self serving. Not a care for our country. They want, control and material things. They will cheat, steal, and lie to have it all their way. She is a POS for not taking the border crisis serious. She could care less. Karma is coming for you all and she aint nice sometimes.

  3. I am eagerly awaiting her replacement in a short time. If she can not be removed from office for corruption and treason then she will need to be kicked out in 2024 never to be seen ever again. Forever would be way too soon.

  4. Maybe these immigrants should be shipped to the Demonrats addresses or close by. I think that would be appropriate. They should actually take some into their home and support a few hundred because they ‘CARE” so much! Horse poopeyTa

  5. The new owners probably paid that ridiculous price because they are hoping to find some old kneepads or extra-thick yoga mats The Ho might have left behind! Or maybe she “sealed the deal” by giving the new owner a freebie!

  6. There ARE NOT …. Enough Foul and Nasty Words that I would like to use to “Describe”….Biden and Harris, so I really don’t even like to waste my time with those Two Miserable Humans.!!!! The American Moron People, who Voted for them….. I do hope they can see now that they REALLY helped out this Country….. It is SO PATHETIC.!!!!! Now, we have to daily see and watch what these Two Stupid and Mentally Deranged ….”What-Ta-Be”…..Leaders or trying to Lead Garbage Bags and Hags.!!!! I feel so sorry for the Good, True, and Faithful Americans out there that have to put up with the Miserable Democrats these days…..

  7. All the Democrats need to be hanged for Treason the way they treated people that committed treason in the old days an every on of them not just Dumbo and his girlfriends Haris and pesluttski i would like to see every one of them out of the really the demos

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