Kamala Harris Holds Meeting with BLM Activist

Kamala Harris does not have time to visit the border amid an illegal immigration surge the likes this country has never seen.

She does, however, have time to meet with a rapper/BLM activist.

Yes, with everything that is going on in this country right now, the next in line to sit in the Oval Office met with rapper Dominique Armani Jones, known as Lil Baby, who is also a major BLM activist.

I Will Make Time

We know Harris loves hip-hop music, so this should not be a total surprise.

After all, with a country that is $28 trillion in debt, an immigration surge, and all signs showing we are about to see a massive inflation hit, why not take the time to host a rapper, right?

The meeting became public knowledge when Lil Baby posted a pic with Harris on Instagram…


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A post shared by The kiDD (@lilbaby)

Lil Baby is tight with the Floyd family, so we know the agenda of this meeting.

The fact that she was available for Lil Baby but still refuses to travel to the border to witness the problem firsthand is not sitting well with a lot of people.

Even if Harris is only looking at the root causes of the problem, would it not benefit her to travel to the border to speak to these migrants in person to get their story?

This also shows where Harris’ priorities lie, and we can see that George Floyd is at the top of the list and the safety of our southern border is at the bottom.

Once again, great job Kamala… you really are a gem.

Source: American Digest

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22 Responses

  1. Kamel -Toe shows where her loyalties lie, and there not with the American people. Impeach Biden, Harris, and Pelosi, get Trump back in the White House before the 3 stooges do any more damage.

  2. Conservative Journal Review will let me comment and call Harris a whore which she is but it won’t let me call her a b***h which she is.

  3. Bruce Walters – Thank you for saying “put Trump back in the WH”. I have been posting this everywhere I can. Biden is destroying this country at “warp speed”. We need all true Americans to comment on this everywhere they can. PLEASE JOIN US!!!!

  4. Inept, incompetent, useless all come to mind when speaking of Harris. She wants that few minutes of fame with a rapper, thinking that makes her look good(NOT), but can’t take time out to do her job! And she and Bidum are the ones representing our country! God help us!

    1. She also Bailed out BLM people from Jail so they could burn down more Buildings And asked More Democrats to raise bail money for BLM

  5. We need Trump back in the White House asap, Biden, Harris, Polosi, Shimmer, administration of Biden s, and all Dems need to be tried for Treason. They are taking this country down and we need judgment taken on all of them!

  6. VP Caligula Harris, gets a no confidence vote. Unable to make up my mind if she is worthless or useless. Why does she recycle Hillary’s hand me down pantsuits? Is it true she never looked at, let alone read the Constitution ?

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