Kamala Harris: The Border is Secure

Kamala Harris was given a softball interview with Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press” this weekend.

The fact Todd just saw there and allowed her to spew nonsensical rhetoric is bad enough.

Having said that, her answers have at least half this country walking around today talking to themselves.

Define Secure

Chuck Todd dropped a truth bomb on Harris.

He informed her that two million illegals will have crossed the border this year under their watch.

Is the border secure, he asked, and this was her answer…

She might as well have just said, “Blame it all on the bad orange man.”

Last year was a record, with 1.7 million illegal immigrant encounters.

That record will be shattered this year.

Of those, roughly one million are already walking free in the country, with close to another million gotaways who are unaccounted for in the country.

Forget the illegals that have been processed and freed, the fact we have almost one million people who crossed illegally and got away, well, that would be considered an invasion during wartime.

Considering that the numbers were one-tenth of that when Trump was in office, it is hard to take her claim seriously that she and Joe have figured this out and Trump had it all wrong.

Sources: Fox News & Daily Caller

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