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Kanye West Finally Reveals His Presidential Running Mate

Independent presidential candidate Kanye West has announced who his running mate will be in the upcoming 2020 presidential election.

According to his filings, West has named Michelle Tidball as his VP.

Tidball is 57 years old and lives in Cody, Wyoming.

Don’t Discount the Impact

Now, I already know what some people are thinking… who the hell cares?

This could be HUGE for Trump because we figure Joe Biden needs about 90 percent or more of the African American vote in order to beat Trump in November.

In 2016, Hillary won about 88 percent of the vote and fell significantly short in the electoral vote.

Depending upon which states West ends up getting on the ballot for, this could significantly impact the outcome of the election if he can get as little as five percent of the minority vote in certain states.

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Who is Tidball?

As far as his new VP goes, there is not really a lot of information out there on her right now.

Once West put her on his ticket, several pages of her website were reportedly removed.

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Those pages were in her biography, where she claimed God called her at the age of six months, so she may have a screw or two loose.

The website claims that she is the Executive Director of the Bright Futures Mentoring Program.

According to the New York Post, her biography stated, “My Heart has always been to walk in maturity and to bring other’s maturity to be about His business and see the completion of things He mandated before the foundations of the world.”

“I look forward to bringing the word with experience and practical counsel on walking as mature adopted sons manifested upon this earth.”

By no means is the West/Tidball ticket a threat to win the election, but it will surely decide who does NOT win, and right now the biggest negative impact would appear to be against Joe Biden’s campaign.

Source: New York Post

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