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Ken Cuccinelli: 113 Eye Injuries to Federal Officers in Portland

Peaceful protesters do not set city streets on fire.

Peaceful protesters do not attack motorists and shoot their fellow protesters.

And, peaceful protesters surely do not attack federal officers with lasers, but Deputy Director of Homeland Security Ken Cuccinelli stated that is exactly what protesters in Portland have done.

113 Eye Injuries

In this country, everyone has the right to protest, as long as it is done peacefully.

During the George Floyd riots, however, the protests were usually hijacked for far more nefarious reasons, including harming officers.

In Portland, many of the protesters were arming themselves with powerful lasers, far different from that little red laser you use to drive your cat crazy.

These lasers project a green beam that produces an “uncomfortable heat.”

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Protesters/rioters were purposefully aiming these lasers into officers’ eyes during protests and now more than 100 officers have eye problems.

Cuccinelli stated, “We’ve had a number of officers who have days-long blindness.

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“So far, they’ve all kind of come back, if you will.

“But you also get what’s called flash blindness.

“Think of it as the old Kodak cameras where you get that blue spot and you can’t quite see your entire field of vision for a period.”

He added, “A tactic that quickly developed among the violent participants in these activities was to cut those holes in the shields and instead of standing back at the back of a crowd and aiming at the eyes of officers, they will also now bring the shield up close and bring it right up into you.

“And, so, the intensity of the strike to the eyes of the officer is much more significant.”

Nobody Will Call Out ANTIFA

Throughout the hearing, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) did his best to get a single Democrat to call out ANTIFA for its tactics and instigation of riots, but nobody would do it.

Instead, they tried to portray federal officers as the problem.

For instance, Senator Mazie Hirono (D-HI) stated, “What we’ve seen in Portland, Oregon, is peaceful protesters in need of protection from federal officers.

“The hearing we should be having is one called the right of the people to peaceably assemble without being beaten up by unidentifiable federal agents.”

Portland had two full months of violent riots, and the police did everything possible to avoid doing anything to them, which is why the rioting continued to go on for so long.

Democrats are truly delusional right now and they are literally putting American businesses and the safety of our citizens at risk for nothing more than political leverage.

Source: New York Post

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