REPORT: John Kerry Considering Leaving Administration

A report broke this week on Axios that has created quite a stir.

The report stated that John Kerry, Joe Biden’s climate czar, has been testing the waters in the private sector.

The report stated that Kerry could possibly leave after the midterm elections were over.


Kerry is slated to attend the COP27 summit next month with Joe Biden.

According to the report, he may be using that to launch an exit from the administration.

Kerry wants to remain active on climate change, but it appears that he would like to do so from the private sector where he can cash in.

Biden leans very heavily on Kerry on this front, so it would be perceived as a significant blow to the administration if he were to bail.

After the report surfaced, Kerry’s team immediately addressed the report.

Spokesperson Whitney Smith stated, “I can’t stress enough: Secretary Kerry has no plans to depart, and his sole focus is COP27, period, and anything else is baseless speculation.”

These denials mean little, however, as we have heard them all before with other administration officials.

Then, a few months down the road, they are turn in their resignation and cash in on their position in the private sector.

Sources: Axios & Washington Examiner