Kremlin Issues Threat Over Finland Joining NATO

Russia seems to be looking for reasons to start a worldwide conflict.

The latest is the possibility of Finland joining NATO.

Russia’s Press Secretary has now gone on the record to state such a move would be considered a “threat” to Russia.

Poking the Bear

Russia suddenly turned into a snowflake.

Just about every move made by every country is setting off warnings and threats.

With Finland now pushing to join NATO, Russia is again pushing back, trying to deter another NATO ally from setting up close to its backyard.

Dmitry Peskov, press secretary to Russian President Vladimir Putin, stated, “Finland’s entry into NATO will become a threat to Russia.

“The next expansion of NATO does not make our continent more stable and secure.

“Of course, all this will become elements for a special analysis and development of the necessary measures in order to balance the situation and ensure our security.”

Now, maybe I am reading this situation wrong, but it sure seems like Russia is now just looking for reasons to justify a major conflict against another world power.

Ironically, it also happens to come at a time when most would agree Russia is at its most vulnerable.

Source: Fox News

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5 Responses

  1. Interestingly, it is the very action Putin has been engaged in, i e. the invasion of Ukraine, that has prompted Finland to action with regards to its joining NATO. Prior to that, Finland and Sweden weren’t really interested in joining and the percentage of Finn’s in favor was something around, I believe, 26% – since the Russians outrageous invasion, that figure has jumped to just under 70%. Sweden has had a similar reaction. And frankly,. with a neighbor like Putin, I don’t blame either Sweden or Finland for wanting a bit of security. Russia has proven to be a pretty unreliable neighbor not to mention, dangerous. Only this time, if Putin carries out punitive “punishments”, he will find himself embroiled in something he will wish he hadn’t. It’s not only Russia that has big guns and nukes.

  2. Putin does understand that NATO is part of the Deep State One World Order.
    No doubt any country leader in favor of NATO either does not understand the intent of the New One World Order or they think they will personally get big bucks and a life of luxury. They will be fooled.
    Unfortunately, the person in the White House posing as president of the U.S. today, as of May 12, 2022 wants us to give up our rights and actually our lives for they tyrannical goals. Hopefully, within the next few days we will have the true President, the one who was actually legally elected to be back and take over this demonic mess he has been left with to rebuild our country and make it the nation God ordained it to be. However, we the people have to do our part and stand up, pray, speak out and support our true president and his military to take it back. He cannot do it along, He has to depend on God along with our prayers to put the pieces back together. Putin has had to stand alone, almost to rid Ukraine of our own US. past government leaders- Deep State Operatives involved in money laundering, child trafficking, building many biolabs, and started taking over the Ukraine in 2005. His military against horrific odds, few people even know about, had to rid Ukraine, to save it’s people, Russia, and our country as well against our own fake president and some past U.S. presidents running Ukraine. He had to defend the poor people terrorized by their own military, the Neo Nazi Kazarian Maffi. Having said all that the countries wanting to be Part of NATO probably do not know the results of their joining such an organization and don’t understand why Russia is so concerned. Nor do they understand the history of what Russia went through by the Kazarian Neo Nazi in the early 1900’s. Putin does have to understand and not go overboard as he cannot change the minds of other countries and many do not understand his concerns or his goals. Each leader needs to understand they are chosen to help the people not to use them for personal goals.

  3. Free nations are defensive. Communist nations are offensive. What does Russia have to fear from a peaceful nation like Finland joining NATO?

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