Last Words of Vicky White Captured on 9-1-1 Call

Former jail boss Vicky White was clearly in a panic as officers closed in on her and her jailhouse beau.

Just prior to turning a gun on herself, a 9-1-1 call captured her final words.

White could be heard discussing the deployment of the airbags and trying to make a run for it.

Shortly afterward, she turned the gun on herself rather than get captured.

Make a Run for It

With sirens blaring in the background, White can be heard saying, “Airbags are going off! Let’s get out and run!”

Instead, she decided to turn the gun on herself.

When officers arrived, she was still holding the gun in her hand, covered in blood, as was fugitive Casey White.

The officer warns that she still her finger on the trigger, stating, “I’m going to go for the gun first.”

On Tuesday night, the coroner confirmed that she had committed suicide.

Officers at the scene stated that Casey turned himself over immediately and cooperated with police.

When they arrived on scene, officers stated, “His immediate words to our team was, ‘Please help my wife. She just shot herself in the head.’”

While Casey referred to her as his wife, there is no evidence the couple was ever married.

Source: New York Post

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6 Responses

    1. Unfortunately folks – apparently what you men don’t realize – some women who have fallen in love for the first real time…will do ANYTHING for “their man”. It is probably a bad thing for her but, she may be just one more that believes what a guy tells her, then he hurts her but, it’s too late – she’s fallen “in love” and just can’t see what is actually happening. Most women get “USED” at some time in their life – and it effects her for YEARS because she doesn’t know any difference.
      Be KIND…She’s dead – it’s a real shame that no one saw to helping her with decision making!

      1. So once again it’s the man’s fault. There’s lots of women that use and hurt men as well.but no one seems to acknowledge that. Ask me how I know. R.I.P. Ms.White

  1. Talk about making bad decisions in life; Vicky White will be known for making the worst decisions (as in more than one bad decision) ever.

  2. The decisions that people make, during a life time, bowl me over. It’s so mind boggling. Think clearly, and rationally, then choice a path. It never ceases to amaze me.

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