Latest Georgia Polls Flip Again

This Georgia race is like a rollercoaster right now.

Last week, polls had come out completely turning this race upside down.

As we were hoping, that run seemed to be an outlier.

Back in Line

The local poll conducted by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and the University of Georgia is back in line where polls had been trending.

Walker is once again leading Senator Warnock (D-GA) by a slim margin (46-44).

The two have a big debate coming soon, and I would expect the fireworks to fly.

Walker has been self-deprecating as a lead into the debate, so something tells me he has something explosive to unleash on Warnock.

Warnock’s campaign is fueled by dark money rather than Georgian money, something I would expect Walker to exploit during the debate.

Kemp’s lead has also extended, now leading Abrams 50-42.

Again, this is more in line with recent trends.

Abrams’ allies slammed the poll as a bad result, claiming, “This seems a lot like voter suppression by poll.”

Abrams is setting this up for controversy, already telling everyone who will listen that it is likely due to new voting laws and voter suppression if she loses.

It’s okay when a Democrat denies the election results, though, so don’t expect any outrage in the media.

This is great news, but I am still not breathing easy in this race.

Georgia is a huge state for the GOP and we cannot afford to lose it to Democrats.

If Walker wins, well, that will be the cherry on top of the sundae.

Source: Breitbart

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