Latest Poll Has Feinstein at All-Time Low in Approval Rating

Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) has been under fire from both the left and right for months.  

When she was caught ignoring mask mandates at airports, she became a poster child for the right.  

When she complimented Amy Coney Barrett during SCOTUS hearings, then had the audacity to hug Senator Graham (R-S.C.), well, that was the last straw for the left.  

Approval Rating Tanking 

This was more than likely going to be Senator Feinstein’s last term anyway, but recent polling has all but made that a certainty.  

We knew she was doing bad, and the latest Berkeley Institute of Government Studies poll has confirmed it.  

Feinstein has a massive 46 percent disapproval rating while only getting 35 percent of California voters to give her a thumbs up.  

The approval rating is tied for her lowest ever and the –11 deficit in the worst of her career.  

Even when the poll was broken down by ideology, Feinstein could not crack the 50 percent mark.  

IGS co-director Eric Schickler, on the survey results, stated, “Feinstein’s decline among liberals and young voters suggest that core Democratic constituencies are now less likely to view her as an effective advocate.” 

Feinstein is now 87 years old and while we have been advocating for her to retire for years, it now seems as though her own constituents are telling her the same. 

Source: Daily Caller 

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27 Responses

    1. Yes perfect example! They all need to retire any one that has been in for more then 10 years! You have not done your job! So retire!

  1. If I were to be fair she is being exposed mostly by her own party as she is more conservative than they would like, but it will hopefully allow for a Republican to replace her.

      1. Probaby wouldn’t be hard at all to get a Chinese Driver in California. Congressman had a Chinese spy right there in the Capital, what time they weren’t in bed together in his apartment.

      1. She didn’t have to vote against the DNC, they HATE her simply because she shook hands and hugged Graham (GOP) recently and they want her OUT. I am not a fan of hers but this is how tight the DNC keeps people in line. They are by FAR the most HATEFUL politicians on this planet.

  2. Why does everything have to be so political? Can’t we just live our life without worry that we are doing something that might be considered racist or not in line with the current administration narrative? It is getting ridiculous. Don’t people have anything better to do than think up ways that people are not toeing the line. Get a life.

  3. Yes perfect example of term limits, but why wait give her the butt now along with AOC, Ohmar, Walters, Romney, Warren, Pelosi and a slew of others.

    1. Absolutely, but the only reason this will not happen right now is because the Dems are in the majority, and they are not about to remove none of their own. For example. Nancy Pelosi refused to remove Congressman Eric Swalwell when she was aware that he was in a relationship with a Chinese spy. He should have been removed immediately. This is the hypocrisy of the Dems. They impeached President Trump for stating the words “peaceful protest,” but refused to remove Swalwell. Another example. When Maxine Water got on national tv and incited violence against any conservative, she should have been removed. But no, she didn’t do anything wrong. SUCH HYPOCRITES!!!

  4. She sealed her fate when she brought the liar to the stand and let Christine Blasey Ford, tell lie after lie after lie! The world knew it ! Her friend would mot lie for her. The second door ( so she could have an escape from Kavanaugh nightmare a blatant lie! Second door when rented part of the house to a friend for a business. Use her million dollars gofundme for selfish living! Feinstein was in on the sham. Traitors!

  5. Well if anything sealed here fate to leave its trying to take or guns.
    almost 90 years old, she will probably die 6 months after she retires instead of retiring 20 yrs ago to enjoy a little time before the devil calls her………l💩👎👎👎👿

    1. I’ve been waiting on Finestine to Retire Or Die, for the last Twenty years. Lateist Poll shows nobody even likes her. Perfect reason for term limits. She is 87 years old, All she has done for the last 20 years is trying to get our guns or make gun laws like California’s.

  6. Always remember

    change comes in the primaries and not in the November elections….where people vote their party….

    Eric Cantor was minority house speaker in the House and was voted out in the PRIMARY by a college professor….do your job voters

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