REPORT: Leaked Memo Shows Pro-Biden Groups Panicking on Bidenflation

Over the last month or so, inflation reports have been blowing up.

It has gotten so bad, the term Bidenflation has been coined, putting the onus of the rising inflation rates on Joe Biden’s economic plan.

Publicly, Democrats and this administration have been saying this will be over in the blink of an eye, but a leaked memo shows that in the backrooms, Dems are starting to panic.

As the Economy Goes…

Had the pandemic not hit, I can confidently say that Donald Trump would still be president.

Honestly, had the American people not been sold a false bill of goods regarding the pandemic, he still would have won.

Trump had created an environment that had this country booming, then COVID hit, and Dems got exactly what they needed to flip the news cycle.

When Biden was campaigning, two of his major promises were beating COVID and getting the economy roaring again.

Trump had him set up for glory on both fronts, but Biden’s caving to the far left of the country have now put that all in jeopardy.

With rising prices and economic experts saying inflation is about to rear its ugly head, Joe Biden held a presser to tell everyone that is all nonsense; this will all be over before you know it.

However, pro-Biden groups don’t believe it, with an internal memo from the Build Back Together group having been leaked.

The memo was worried about the ad below, stating that the RNCC had “produced one of the first inflation spots we’ve seen and it was one of the most powerful Republican ads to date.”

The memo continued, “Notably, they did more damage with this ad than nearly any other conservative ad tested and they were able to do it in [15 seconds] instead of a typical [30 seconds].”

Shockingly, all the ad did was tell the truth, something Joe Biden has not done since he took office.

Source: Washington Post

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6 Responses

  1. Thank the voters for their stupidity. They listen to CNN lies. They listen to some uneducated young fools who are brainwashed to hate America but don’t know why! The older adults were looking for a free hand out but they knew for years democrats lie at every election time. So sick of young and old people because lazy, dumb and just unamerican. Well you got Nazis destroying America and it’s all your fault. You get that vaccine. The side affects will get you sooner than later. Wear that diaper on your face. Your submission to communism is sickening. Joe Biden is not running the country.

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