Montenegro Mass Shooting Leaves 10 Victims Dead

Mass shootings only happen in the United States, or so we are told.

That narrative took another hit on Friday after a gunman opened fire in Montenegro.

When the dust settled, 11 people were dead and another six were left injured.


The initial shooting occurred in the home of the shooter, who was apparently renting the home to another family.

A lone gunman opened fire on a mother and two siblings.

The siblings were reported as eight and 11 years old.

The mother was transported to a local medical facility, but she died later in the day.

After shooting the family members, the man walked out of the house and continued to fire on other people.

He shot and killed seven additional people and injured six before he was shot dead, making it 11 bodies in all.

One officer was also injured in the incident.

There are mixed reports regarding who took out the shooter, but it now appears that it may have been a private citizen who killed the shooter.

Montenegro’s Prime Minister Dritan Abazovic stated, “I was deeply disturbed with reports about terrible tragedy in Cetinje.

“I express my deepest condolences to those families affected and all those who lost their loved ones.”

A national three-day mourning period was declared after the shooting by the PM.

Source: New York Post

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  2. I agree you are right Wake up American and do term limits this cuts off the Head
    of the liberal snake in our country Black Jumpsuits for that have spit on our laws and goverment

    Richard Bright

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