Tulsi Gabbard Announces She is Leaving Democrat Party

Tulsi Gabbard started off her new podcast with a bang.

The former Democrat congresswoman and presidential candidate dropped a bombshell in her first show.

Gabbard has left the Democrat Party.

Here Comes the Hate

Gabbard dropped the news on her show…

The attacks immediately came, but they are not worth posting.

All they do is show just how much hate is within the Democrat Party right now.

Gabbard also went on Fox News to explain why she left…

I like Gabbard, but I always thought she would be more of a benefit from within the Democrat Party.

Unless she dramatically changes her platform, she can be described as a moderate at best.

My point being that I would rather work with her across the aisle than see her take heat for working more with Democrats.

I think she would have been a Democrat we could have counted on with some key issues, so we will just have to wait and see how her platform evolves now that she has finally left the Democrat Party.

Source: Fox News