Philadelphia Legislation Prevents Police from Citing Minor Violations

A new piece of legislation is working through the Philadelphia City Council and City Hall to the Democrat mayor’s desk.

As part of a racial inequality movement, the city wants police to stop making stops for minor traffic violations.

Isn’t That a Stereotype?

This legislation is just filled with holes in the name of equality.

Councilman Isaiah Thomas stated, “Being pulled over by law enforcement is a rite of passage for Black men.

“It’s something we all know that we’re gonna have to go through.

“I’ve been pulled over so many times that I’ve actually lost count.”

That statement and the bill itself hang a racist tag on the police department.

Secondly, it is also assuming that those committing most “minor” traffic violations are black, which is a stereotype in and of itself.

Now that the bill has gone through the City Council, it will head to Mayor Kenney’s desk, and it will surely be signed into law.

Democrats will all celebrate, yet, once again, they are saying they are “helping” minorities by attaching them to the need to make even minor crimes legal for them to have a better life.

I would truly love to hear from our minority readers in terms of this being offensive to them or if they agree with the legislation.

Source: Fox News

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4 Responses

  1. Fighting racism is racist. Hell, in the Dem world EVERYTHING is racist, but not pulling over black people specifically is racist. Being a racist is racist. Saying you’re not a racist is racist. See how all this works? The Dems make the standards for racism thanks to Barry Obama who brought racism back full steam and placed it forefront!

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