Judge Boots Soros-backed Liberal Prosecutor Off Case

There actually is some common sense left in our judiciary.

I need you to think back to the school board scandals were parents were being kicked out of meetings.

During one of those meeting, a man came forward to reveal that his daughter had been sexually assaulted by a boy claiming to be transgender.

That man was arrested, and the DA prosecuting the case has been removed.


Bill Stanley, the attorney for Virginia father Scott Smith, stated, “All that Scott Smith and his family have ever asked for is that the Loudoun County school system protect their daughter and treat them fairly; it has not.”

He continued, “The Court’s Order today has corrected, in some measure, the injustice created by Ms. Biberaj’s bias against Mr. Smith, and the Court has restored his hope for a fair trial on the remaining charge against him in his quest to protect his beloved daughter.

“We are very grateful for the Court’s ruling.”

This man should never have been arrested in the first place.

Judge Plowman was responsible for removing the prosecutor, who, by the way, was backed by George Soros.

Plowman’s order read, “There is insufficient evidence to determine whether or not a direct conflict exists that would mandate removal and/or disqualification of the Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office.”

It continued, “The concerns about the public confidence in the integrity of the prosecution as well as the Defendant’s concerns regarding the impartiality of the Commonwealth’s Attorney are sufficiently grounded.

“As a result, the integrity of the Defendant’s due process rights is in jeopardy and must be protected.”

At least now he will hopefully get a fair trial.

Source: Fox News

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6 Responses

  1. Well, at least this shows that there are still Judges who still believe in laws and common sense. Very rare these days with all the Corrupt Soro’s bought Judges. I still don’t understand why people like him who has come right and said he wants to bring America down, is still allowed to interfere with our elections. Why is his blood money allowed to influence and buy his wants with the help of radical Libs & Dems. Just look around, you can’t say we are better off with his choices on Judges that he has bought and places all to destroy our way of life.

  2. Why has George Soros been allowed to stay in the United States after declaring he will do all he can to destroy us??? In the past, he would have been declared a traitor, and hung!! Couldn’t happen to a more deserving piece of insanity!!!!!

    1. Who says Soros is actually residing in the US…his long arm with dollars in his hands “allows” him to reach ANYWHERE he wants to…The ONLY thing that can and will eventually be done is if GOD puts HIS hand in this situation. One way or another, SOROS WILL answer…eternity is a VERY long time!!!

  3. Soro’s Needs to be REMOVED from America, for the stuff he has Paid for, in the chaos he has caused,He is TRYING to Kill America!!!!

  4. I wonder how it feels to be the most hated person in the U.S. Perhaps if we all pray for divine intervention, God will rescue the good people. Just remember, GS couldn’t have all his power if no one would accept his money. Will his son turn out to be just like him?

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