Detailed Mar-a-Lago List from Raid Released

The full inventory list of what FBI agents took from Mar-a-Lago has been released.

It turns out, the FBI took more than 11,000 documents and photographs.

Of those, only 103 documents were marked as Secret, Confidential, or Top Secret.

There were also 89 empty folders with security markers on them.

That’s It?

Obviously, the 103 documents are the concern.

If they dealt with national security in any way, Trump could still have a problem.

Honestly, with how this raid was set up, even a single document would have been used against Trump by Merrick Garland.

It does appear that agents took a lot of stuff they never should have touched.

For instance, 1,600 of the documents were reportedly news articles, newspapers, and magazines.

Also, remember, when Democrats changed the rules regarding classified information to get Hillary out of trouble, they set the precedent.

I still believe Trump will be charged so Democrats can try to disqualify him from running for president again.

When all is said and done, however, I think it will be a nothing burger.

Source: New York Post

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2 Responses

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  2. This is all political B.S. The whole world knows it. DEMENTO is weaponizing the alphebet agencies to come after parents and conservatives. He has already made a couple of threats against us with F15’s.
    Hey dems, do you honestly think you’re safe because you’re a registered dem? Think again.

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