Liz Wheeler Announces She is Leaving One America News

One of the more popular personalities on One America News (OAN) is leaving the network.

On Friday, Liz Wheeler, host of “Tipping Point,” announced she was resigning from OAN.

While she has not formally announced where she is going to land, we have a few ideas.

What’s Next?

When Wheeler posted the video, most of us thought she was going to tell us what was next in her career, but it was more of a tease…

There are two really good possibilities as to where Wheeler will show up next.

Since she mentions that she is going to continue to go after the mainstream media, we probably should not be expecting to see her on a major network, such as Fox News.

There are some rumors that could be joining the Trump administration in some capacity in the communications department, but that seems unlikely to me.

What seems a bit more of a possibility is for Wheeler to join Megyn Kelly’s new media venture, which was announced earlier this week.

Wheeler would seemingly be a good fit for Kelly’s Devin May Care Media company, but that is pure speculation on my part.

Wherever she lands, you can bet she will continue to go after Democrats with everything she has.

Source: Citizen Free Press

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