Trump-backed Sarah Palin Loses Alaska Special Election

The seat vacated by Rep. Don Young (R-AK) has finally been filled.

Young passed away earlier this year, so the seat was back on the block in a special election.

Trump-backed Sarah Palin was among the favorites, but the new election system in Alaska worked against her.

Palin was defeated by native Alaskan and Democrat Mary Peltola.

What About the General Election?

Now, I know what you are thinking…

This probably means that Palin will also lose the general election to Peltola in November to fill the seat for the entire term.

That is not necessarily the case.

Alaska is now using the ranked-choice system, and three candidates qualified.

Peltola, Palin, and Nick Begich III, also a Republican.

Independent Al Gross withdrew in the special election, so his second choice votes were shifted over to the remaining three candidates.

For the most part, Peltola benefitted from that.

With both Palin and Begich drawing from the Republican pool, they may only need to survive the first round of the election.

If Peltola fails to reach the 50 percent threshold, one candidate is eliminated and the second choice votes get distributed.

It is a fairly safe bet that Palin and Begich will be the second choice of voters that vote for those two candidates, which should push the survivor over the top.

The question is, with only one Democrat candidate, can they get enough votes to prevent her from getting to 50 percent on the first ballot?

Source: Washington Examiner

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28 Responses

      1. Blithering idiot says we need a traitor in office? Wow you’re not a blithering idiot! You’re a moron!!! Donald Trump took documents from the Oval Office to his home that anyone can access and so he could show those docs to foreign dignitaries like the Russians or North Koreans or Chinese governments and put our country at risk! And you want this piece of crap back in office! Yep, it guaranteed! You’re a moron!

        1. David I believe you have jumped the gun a little here. There has been no confirmation of what was taken from Trump’s home only that The DOJ and FBI ordered security cameras turned off during their search. To some of us that indicates they had plans they did not want made public whether good or bad we have no idea just secrecy creates doubt as to what went on. That idiot as you called him had the country on solid ground and energy sufficient when he left office economy in great shape and your smart president immediately destroyed that upon taking office now for me personally I’m not too sure who the idiot is but definitely not sure you have the correct person it may not be Mr. Cook who is the moron.

        2. How many boxes/documents did Obama squirrel away for his Presidential library?
          How many emails on her private computer did Clinton have?
          DOJ did not pursue either.
          DOJ has not investigated H Biden’s laptop.
          There’s no question the Bidens are pretty thick with China.

      1. You watch the news and not FoxNews because everything they say about trump has been a lie except for a few hosts who’ve started telling the truth about trump and what he’s done! Your as big a moron as Donald Cook above!!

        1. You can vote against Trump and his picks and you can kiss your butt and the collective butt of the USA goodbye. Those are your choices our crook or theirs we were better off under Trump dunce.

      2. We have a real crook in our White House right now and no one does anything about it. Biden is a disaster and as crooked as they come along with his son. I feel sorry for son as he was taught by his crooked dad.

  1. Very few can pitch a perfect game, along the way someone gets a dribble hit. So far Trump has been Nolan Ryan on wins throughout the states. If he wins most he is the Cy young winner. You can’t sugar coat 18 months of utter failure unless you are talking to IQ’S below a 100. Which are public schools keep producing yearly! It’s not indoctrination it’s a stupidity camp for most!

  2. What kind of crazy election system has Alaska put in place? It appears to me that using a “ranked” system opens up a pandoras box for vote manipulation and cheating.

    1. I didn’t know, but do some research on how Murkoski was appointed. Now that shows how corruption runs in Alaska. I never knew it until I researched on how RINO LISA was appointed

    1. Well its gonna be tough for any Republican to win 51 percent when they’re both Republicans. Hope one drops out then their is a chance Republican win

  3. Ouch. Wow. Sorry you are so angry. Can you tell me how you feel about Mrs. Clinton and the documents she had on her personal computer in her home?

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