Biden Lowest Energy Lease Rentals in Decades

Joe Biden is finally being exposed for his double-talking regarding energy leases.

Biden has more or less halted new leases for gas and oil.

Currently, the amount of land that is active on leases is a mere 0.19 acres.

That is less than any administration going back to the 1940s.

Makes No Sense

FOX Business’ David Asman stated, “You have to go back to Harry Truman in 1945 to find somebody that has provided fewer leasing than we have now… I mean, it’s extraordinary.

“Even President Obama had more… I mean, it’s pathetic.”

He continued, “Going in the complete opposite direction of where the president asks them to go.

“And meanwhile, of course, we’re continuing to do everything we can to get the Iranians to sign this nuke deal, which would provide us with all that Iranian oil.

“So they’re trying to flood the market with oil that’s produced elsewhere, even by our enemies, and stopping oil production in the United States. It makes no sense.”

Biden continues pushing the number of inactive leases, but that issue has been debunked many times.

Without new leases, we will continue to see domestic production dwindle, which is Biden’s end game.

He is trying to set himself up to boast about lower carbon production here in the United States while asking other countries to pick up the slack, which, as Asman stated, makes no sense.

Carbon production is carbon production, period. Whether the footprint comes from the United States or another country, it would still be just as harmful to the environment.

The only real difference is that we end up paying more for energy because we have to import it rather than produce it domestically.

So, once again, Joe Biden is trying to make Americans pay for his positive headlines.

Source: Fox News

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23 Responses

    1. B^a^s^t^a^r^d B^i^d^e^n cares less. To h^e^l^l with c^l^i^m^a^t^e c^h^a^n^g^e.. American jobs first. C^l^i^m^a^t^e last.

  1. Actually, let’s say those headlines are what they are!! Not ‘positive’ but, once again, a great, big LIE!! The point is valid, though. Emissions are emissions, no matter ‘where’ they are produced or ‘who’ produces them. Not only are Americans picking up the ‘tab’ but we’re handing over control to Iran on how much we get and how much we pay! Not a good thing to hand over to those who don’t care about our country or our security.

  2. It isn’t fair to blame Biden! Creepy Uncle Joe is nothing more than a dementia ridden sock puppet who does and says whatever the handlers, who have their hands up his backside, tell him to do or say.

    1. Sorry, but I disagree. When you have time, go look up the remarks Biden has made all his adult life. He has always been anti-America and his own quotes prove it! That’s why I found it so surprising that the country would elect him!

    2. Blame them all , blame the all , the long the short and the tall . Blame all the leftists and Democrats too , Joe sits and fills his Depends with Poo .
      So we’re saying goodbye to them all , when we vote them out come fall .

      This has been years in the making , it isn’t something that just happened . The swamp has wanted to take over for decades now but needed plauseable deniability if things went wrong . Dementia Joe gave them the perfect cover , not that he is any better than the rest . Both Dems and those we call rhinos have long sought a one party tolitatian dictatorship . All the signs were there had anyone been paying attention .

  3. Solar is not the way, I had over a $54,000 solar system installed 1 yr ago. (Generac) Do to bad equipment, I now have to Waite at least 3 months for service from a Generac PV servicer. It also took a total of 5 hrs plus on hold to get through to Generac. Ward of warning, going solar means Stone Age. Get the damn oil companies back in business

    1. Mr. Lott, B^a^s^t^a^r^d B^i^d^e^n is also a Nazi in a suit after last Thursday’s speech..just like A^d^o^l^f H^i^t^l^e^r..

  4. The man is a complete “fool” and I do mean complete.
    It’s costing me and my family and every family in America every day he wakes up. The man does NOT CARE about our great country.
    This is some of the WORST treatment Americans have had since the country’s was founded, he’s turning the country into a communist’s dictatorships.
    REPUBILCANS & DEOCRATS get off you buts and VOTE for our “OUR FREEDOM” BACK !!!, things have to change and change soon or we will be all communist’s. The man believes in KILLING unborn lives, raising the cost of everything he touches, WOKE school teaching, can’t speak fluent English langue, does some of the WORST business deals EVER.
    Remember the song “Old man take a look at my life” This old man is ruining good hard working AMERICAN’s life.
    I could go on and on about how BAD this man is but it’s TIME AMERICANS, we can’t afford much more.

  5. Wait till the states around California decide to not sell electric to California because they will need it to fuel their electric cars. Will Newsom blame them because he put this law into effect when he knows the power companies cannot produce enough power to cool their homes? He has known for years that the state needs more power and has shut down gas power plants. Californians should blame Newsom for his idiotic plan to save the planet when people can’t cool their homes or go anywhere. They can thank President Biden for the green initiative that does not make sense. We will all pay twice the price for things as China spews out tons of CO2 and laughs at all of us. If the President is so worried about the carbon footprint, why has he allowed NASA to put out more carbon footprint than 100’s of homes and cars?

  6. I would like to know is when Biden will be replacing our oil pile for emergencies. Biden was selling this to China and using it to reduce the cost of gasoline in the US.

    1. He sold the oil to our enemy, China to make us a weaker nation. He is not planning to refill the reserve as then we will stay weak. The only answer is to open our pipeline and stop buying oil from Russia.

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