MAGA Ohio GOP House Candidate Lied About Military Record

Ohio Republican congressional candidate J.R. Majewski is reportedly a liar in one of the worst ways possible.

It is a rather unique case of stolen valor.

Majewski did serve, just not in the fashion he is pretending.

Why Lie?

This is arguably one of the stupidest and most disgusting stories I have read today.

Majewski is an Air Force veteran, but he never saw any time in Afghanistan as he claimed.

He claims he deployed to Afghanistan after the 9/11 attacks and lived under horrific conditions.

According to Majewski, he spent 40 days without running water and could not shower.

AP investigated his service records, which told quite a different story.

The House hopeful was actually in Japan and did six months in Qatar loading planes.

He also claimed he earned campaign medals for fighting in Afghanistan and a Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, but the AP report found no records of that either.

Now people are starting to doubt his professional record which includes executive positions at FirstEnergy and Holtec International.

Majewski was already under the microscope as a diehard Trump supporter, a MAGA candidate, and having been at the Capitol during the riot on January 6.

He had a shot to take out an incumbent Democrat, but I don’t see anyone voting for him after these fraudulent claims.

Source: The Hill

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21 Responses

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  2. I am sure he though he could do this because the Democrats lie most of the time. A couple of them stood in the chambers a braged about the untruth they said, we are expent from any untruths that was on one of networks

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    1. The biggest Liar in the World is in the White House and the Second biggest Liar is telling Him what to do.. I would like both Biden and Obama HUGH, on public TV

  3. Dumocrap Blumenthal claimed military service – he lied big time – yet he’s been in Congress for years., No problem with lies – dumocraps get away with everything. Did it occur to anybody that maybe Majewski was involved in undercover operations that many times are not included in after action reports, etc.

    1. the biggest liar of all was mr kerry who is now flying all over the world on tax payers money and crapping up the world Mr John Kerry was :: UNFIT FOR COMMAND:: READ THE BOOK.

  4. It’s time all Americans get to vetting and know who is running for what. No matter who they are we need to stay in a house cleaning mode. Republican or Democrats – we needen’t fear to call them out if they are not true and fit for office.

  5. It says AP investigated…who is AP? Be cautious what you believe. How many times have we seen this scnerio played out? This is what happens a bunch of accusations are thrown out then the media runs with it smearing a person’s reputation & it upturns the election.. I think we need to be wary of everything & start requiring proof rather than just going along with a lot of accusation with no actual back up. It seems with Republican candidates no proof required just media running with accusations which after the election are often proved false (Russia,Russia,Russia) With Dems its another story, they have the media & FBI in there pocket… there was proof with Hunters lap top but FBI covered it up.
    I think it’s wrong to misrepresent yourself & I hope this is false but if it’s not I’m still forced to look at what the beliefs an policies of the candidates are…do I want another marxist democrats in there asurring the destruction of our way of life or someone who wants to save it but possibly wasn’t entirely honest about how he served his country.

    1. I agree !!This was my thought while reading !!! WHY would any demorat say ANYTHNG positive about anyone connected to Trump ???

  6. Could be one of those Democrats running as a Republican. Trump needs to do a better job of vetting candidates he endorses.

  7. McConway you need to get a grip on yourself or have you forgotten about your liberal friend Richard Blumenthal from Connecticut and how he lied about his military service and yet has served years in Congress and is still there and still lies all the time.

  8. Has anyone double checked the AP “facts” to see if they are true?

    What does J.R. Majewski say about this?

  9. Blumenthal, Murphy AND Lamont are all TRAITORS, Thieves and scumbags. They represent the WORST of Corrupticut.

    Vote them ALL OUT! They represent the Satanic Cabal, Deep State puppets who stole from the public, lied to the people, and betrayed our nation. They belong in the guillotine.

  10. I don’t understand why people do these kinds of things, especially when they should be aware that they are being targeted by people who will do anything to take them down. And why are convicted criminals elected to any governmental office? If there is no law to prevent this, then we need to put a Referendum on the Ballot and make it law. How long will we let them live with real law and order, by the same rules as us?

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