Manchin Fires Back at AOC Criticisms

If you don’t watch the left side of the aisle in Congress, you are missing a pretty good fight that is brewing.

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) is upset with Senator Manchin (D-W.V.) for hitting the pause button on the $3.5 trillion spending package.

Over the last few days, they have had a nice little back-and-forth that is about to erupt.

Young Lady

This all got started with a tweet by AOC after Manchin’s op-ed.

In that op-ed, Manchin told Dems to pump the brakes in the big-spending bill, which did not sit well with AOC…

AOC then alleged meetings between Manchin and energy lobbyists…

Manchin finally took the bait and responded, saying, “I don’t know that young lady that well. I really don’t. I have met her one time, I think, between sets here. But that’s it.

“So, we have not had any conversations. She’s just speculating and saying things because she wants to.”

Manchin further stated that the allegations that AOC made against him were “totally false.”

AOC, of course, was insulted that Manchin called her a “young lady” instead of “congresswoman.”

This is typical AOC… she fires venom repeatedly, then gets upset when someone dares to call her out or come back at her.

If we just let this fire simmer for a bit longer, I have a sneaky feeling it will blow the lid right off the pot!

Sources: Daily Caller & The Hill

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27 Responses

  1. She will never be anything but a loud mouth and nobody cares what she thinks! She’s stupid. I don’t see how she could win anything with out cheating.

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      1. Oh but the young love her and she is their hero! Of course they do not pick the highest apple on three, they are noted to be bottom feeders to begin with.

    1. No Karen that is not so, she says these things all by herself. She is such a hopeless case of brain damaged third grade drop out that can not add 2+2 and ever get the correct answer even once in her life time. She is so sure money grows on trees and we can never run out of it, there for ” ….. Just keep spending money like a drunken democrat” then pretend you can raise taxes to cover that expense and not tax people making less $40,000. Just a total blittering idiot.

    1. This chick if you were to put her brain into a bird it would fly backwards. If it could actually have a relevant thought as to how it’s capable of flight. AOC, idiocy is nothing short of he freebies and hot hair being blown up your a$$. The squad, needs to be prosecuted and placed in front of said firing squad! These are the members making millions off taxpayers dollars while everyone suffers, they mandate, place, stipulation on what, where, when , and, how you can live you God gone rights. What happened to following the science, that was a hell of af joke, if you couldn’t figure

      1. Makes you wonder how she got into BC. Does not bode well for them. She was likely one of the minorities they had to accept and she as usual she picked a major that has no future job and blames the capitalist for her poor choices

  2. The entire dumbocraptic party is delusional. The sooner America declares the dumbocraptic party a terrorist organization the better.

  3. I think “young lady” is about the best compliment you’re going to get from anybody cortex. You’re a bubbling cauldron of fecal matter and that’s the best I personally can give you.

  4. Give a worm power and it becomes a snake…..give a snake power and it has poison……..give a flawed person power and they become hateful…..there you have it!

  5. “Young Lady” was a respectable address where I was raised. In AOC’s case, best to leave “Lady” off. She can’t deny being young (nevermind foolish and ignorant).

  6. The same way she calls Woman a “mestruating person”, I prefer to be called woman that reflect my gender and not a “mestruating person” since women at certain age stop doing this body funtion so do we stop beeing a woman when we don’t mestruate or do we like to be called a name or title for a body funtion? this congress PERSON is out of wack.

  7. If past comments and concepts regards anything having to do with economics is concerned, AOC has amply proven she’s completely unqualified, so if I were Sen. Manchin, I wouldn’t worry over much in any controversy involving the multi trillion dollar infrastructure bill LOL.

  8. All mouth, no brains, AOC is a waste of skin and it continues to amaze me she is in government. But looking at a lot of these morons we have like Pelosi, Worthless Waters and the other loser squad idiots I think Americans have a lot of cleaning to do.

  9. AOCartoon should not even be considered as a “lady”. Her big mouth negates that compliment. She is merely a young activist who was groomed by Soros and placed into the House of ILL Repute in DC in order to fulfill her part in the Great American Takedown…..

  10. This is what happens when you vote in a young girl not a lady that was a bartender as her only job experience,that lives in a bubble of privilige and think her crap doesnt stink and she knows everything.She is only hurting her followers and showing they are uneducated and brain dead fools.I guarantee you legs up harris is her mentor

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