Marco Rubio Exposes Horrible Democrat Conspiracy – Proof Is Clear…

Marco Rubio is blowing the warning horn so that America knows the biggest threat to it today:

“Laptop liberals” and “Marxist misfits.”

What Rubio is referring to are the millions of gullible Americans that will not vote for the policies that work the best, but instead keep electing officials that do NOT have the people’s best interests in mind.

They sit at home listening to mainstream media and what the Twitter algorithm lets them see, and they think it’s an accurate representation of what’s going on in America today. It’s not.

“This realignment that’s happening in American politics is not ideological,” Rubio began.

“It is largely the divide between people who work for a living who live in the real world, who have to raise their children, and people who live in a fantasy world and people who have the affluence and the buffer necessary to worry about things that do not really matter and to focus on things that really aren’t true,” he continued. He then said there was a divide between “laptop liberals and frankly Marxist misfits who make enough money to be able to indulge in these fantasies about how great it’s gonna be when all of us drive an electric car and our roofs are covered with solar panels.”

“It’s a difference during the pandemic between the people that we had the luxury of working from home and many still are … and the people who worked at a job where you couldn’t do it remotely.”

“Some people say, oh, you’re just paranoid because you know, you’ve been raised your whole life around people that lost their country to Marxism. Well, yeah, maybe, but just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you right? I don’t call it paranoia, I call it I’ve seen this movie before.”

Thanks, Marco.

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