Marco Rubio Reveals Murder Details – Voters In Disbelief…

In case America doesn’t understand what Democrats are trying to do to America, take a look at this.

Marco Rubio’s Congressional opponent has announced that if she wins, she’s going to make some massive changes to the rules and laws regarding abortions.

Val Demings position is downright dangerous.

Not only should abortions be legal, they…

“Should be paid by taxpayers, at any time, including potentially the day the child is due for delivery.”

According to Rubio, Demings isn’t even going to be content pushing for that law in Florida.

She thinks that abortion should be legal across the country at any time.

Rubio has more than a few problems with that.

“It’s nowhere in the Constitution. There’s nothing in the Constitution about abortion, and that’s all the Supreme Court said,” Rubio explained. “This is an issue that needs to be decided at the state legislative level just like anything else.”

“Listen, to me it’s a moral issue about life. … I don’t diminish the fact that people have a right to control what happens to their body. The problem here there’s two bodies in place, and one is an innocent human life that I believe our law should protect at some level. And most Americans would tell you, this is a majority position, that after four months that life should be protected. Our laws already recognize that. If tonight God forbid some pregnant woman is killed by a reckless driver, that driver is going to face two charges. Face two charges. Vehicular homicide, one for the mother and one for the unborn child. Our laws already recognized that as a human life. All you’re doing is applying that. other states will probably have different laws, including laws that are much more permissive.”

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33 Responses

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      1. So true! They just want the full term babies to get more money for organ harvesting purposes. Makes me want to cry. We are the voice of the voiceless….every Dem. voter and anyone running as a pro-choice candidate should have to spend an entire week observing at an abortion facility to see how horrendous abortion really is!! The slitting of the throats (vocal chords) of the babies so that the crying won’t shake up the abortionists….the treatment of the babies into garbage bins….the treatment of the clueless and heartless Moms (sometimes bleeding to death)….the organ harvesting…I can’t even consider anyone able to be a part of this, as part of the human race.

    1. What is truly horrifying, is they’re not about to waste those “oh-so-valuable” baby body parts flushing them away! They SELL them at a handsome profit for all kinds of purposes–INCLUDING a flavor additive that is put into the food we ALL eat. It is called “senomyx” They used the “taste receptors” fro the tongues of aborted babies to create an additive that masks the bitterness of a lot of foods and “fools” the tongue into tasting “sweet” instead of bitter, so they can use less sugar in those products. MANY huge food companies use this additive, and it is in a LOT of the food America consumes! Now THAT is truly EVIL, that because of nut cases like this woman, we are EATING unborn Americans who SHOULD have been protected from people like her!

    2. She will say nothing, feel nothing. In other words, she is numb to what is a terrible thing. When our Founding Fathers made our Constitution, I believe that they would have included “The Right to Life for the unborn babies” that are now being slaughtered. YES, I intended to use that word “slaughter” because it is what it is when it comes to unborn babies being literally ripped apart.

      If you can dismiss killing unborn babies as being O.K., you have no heart, nor conscience. Read the last book of the Bible, and see what God is going to do. He will not tolerate so many of the bad things that are going on in this country. You can dismiss God from your life, but God does not dismiss what you do. You WILL pay a price.

  2. This new marixt democrat party will say and do anything totally outrageous simply because they are not held to any standards by our marixt mainstream media, there partners in an attempt to destroy America.

    1. There are standards, but not the murderous standards of these lowlife murdering scum.
      This trashy demonic minion of satan would have no problem murdering an innocent little baby and flushing the baby down the toilet—-BUT this trashy scum, baby murdering slime has no clue to the standards of Almighty God, who she will stand one day before Him and give her hate filled demonic sin filled life’s account to a Holy and Righteous God. She will not like her destiny, but will then be in the presence of those just like her evil self to spend eternity where she belongs. God is not mocked and is not a man to lie, whatsoever one sows, that is what one shall reap.

  3. For every full term baby that is killed by abortion, Demings should be forced to give up one of her sons or grandchildren as a sacrifice. She will change her tune really fast!

  4. Murder is against man’s law and protected in the constitution and it is against God’s law in the ten commandments. It is up to us to do all in our power to stop the first-degree abortion murder which should be charged and punished as such. Never fear there is still a greater charge and price to pay when the killing of God’s children will have to be answered to Him.

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