Maxine Waters Tells Jim Jordan to ‘Shut your mouth’ During Hearing 

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) was doing what most of us would love to do… he was grilling Dr. Fauci on an exact numbers of when he would recommend restrictions be lifted.  

Dr. Fauci, of course, refused to give a finite answer, which is ridiculous.  

After Jordan’s time expired, he got a few nasty comments from both Rep. Clyburn (D-S.C.) and Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA).  

Shut Your Mouth 

During a lot of these hearings, members of Congress will create some theatrics hoping to get a snippet on the nightly news. 

As Jordan forcefully put Dr. Fauci on the spot, that is what happened with both Clyburn and Waters. 

Now, you need to watch the full video below to appreciate how this all blew up in the end… 

Now, let’s address three things… 

First, why can’t Fauci give an actual number? 

Second, who is Waters to tell anyone during the hearing to “shut your mouth”? 

And finally, was that an actual threat issued by Clyburn when he said that Jordan knows him and they are going to “handle this”? 

As an added note, who the hell is Clyburn to give the answer that is supposed to be given by scientists? 

Democrats are completely drunk with power and that video shows you all you need to know about the horrific state of our government right now.  

Source: Fox News 

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  1. you are just finding out that Maxine Waters has lost her mind, you must have just recovered from many decades in a coma.

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