Mayorkas Touts Ignoring Rule of Law

Imagine an administration that picks and chooses what laws it wants to enforce.

Then, imagine an administration that accuses the other side of having no respect for the rule of law.

You nailed it if you are picturing Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Alejandro Mayorkas.

And He’s Bragging…

I am not sure when the official move came to not enforce illegal immigration from the left, but it came somewhere between the Bush and Obama administrations.

Since that change, Democrats have done their best to do an end-around our immigration laws.

Now they are actually bragging about it.

Listen to this little tidbit from Secretary Mayorkas…

The full quote states, “We have fundamentally changed immigration enforcement in the interior.

“For the first time ever, our policy explicitly states that a non-citizen’s unlawful presence in the United States will not, by itself, be a basis for the initiation of an enforcement action.

“This is a profound shift away from the prior administration’s indiscriminate enforcement.”

Here is the funny, not so funny part of that statement…

Since when do we get to choose which laws are enforced and how they are enforced?

Mayorkas just gave the green light to every illegal entering this country.

He is basically saying that if you don’t have a criminal record, there is no need to worry about the line anymore… just come on in!

Sadly, they are not done with these radical changes.

Mayorkas added, “We accomplished a lot in this past year.

“We certainly have plans to do a lot more — and we will do it.”

The unfortunate part about this is that when a Republican takes office, especially if it is Trump, all of these people will be tracked down and deported.

When that happens, Democrats will make the GOP out to be monsters when, in fact, all they are doing is enforcing the laws on the books.

We have to get these people out of office, and soon!

Source: Yahoo! Life

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12 Responses

  1. Ilegal immigration, has plagued this country since the Ronald Reagan administration. The Republicans gave over 2,000,000 (million) illegals citizenship. The trend has continued thru every administration since Ronald Reagan. The American People has yet to ask WHY? WHY during a plandemic would you continue to ignore the Constitution. I say because they can. The only ones in the dark is the American People. What kind of Government changes the electorate, by illegally changing the electorate.

  2. Once again you are seeing what this country has been afraid of and that is treason and sedation by the left. Law is made to be upheld. This regime is constantly circumventing the laws without going through the proper process because they say that it is right. Actually, that does not make it right but against the law.

  3. It is a matter of great shame that Moyorkas believes that he can totally ignore the immigration laws of his country.
    A look at the immigration crisis created by the Biden administration will confirm that no one in the administration believes in following the immigration law. As a result, we have allowed nearly two million illegals to simply walk across the border.

  4. What are we, waiting for, let’s get the Law moving and make those who disobey the Laws of the United State, that being 8USC law has been abandoned, let’s get those who do that go to jail and tried for treason. We have to move on this so then the Dems, can not say we are playing games, if this Mayorkas got citizenship because he was a Greencard holder let’s take his citizenship from him and Deport him to his natural place of birth

  5. Mayorkas and and others in the Biden administration, including Biden, have violated U.S. law and should be IMPEACHED ! There are Immigration Laws and they have been VIOLATED. Additionally, laws are made by CONGRESS, not by Biden and his minons.

  6. Every person responsible for letting illigals into our country should be charged with treason , they are not standing for our nation , they are only after votes and money . And they are putting American people in harms way , that should h C one under treason .

    Remember that he said he wouldn’t mind running this country with a ear piece in the ( JOE FRAUDEN ILLEGALMET RESIDENTS ear. ????

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