McCarthy Accidentally Posts Entire GOP Electoral Agenda

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) just made a colossal mistake.

He accidentally published the entire Republican Party’s Commitment to America plan on his website.

He quickly realized the mistake and unpublished it, but not before one of House Speaker Pelosi’s (D-CA) little trolls could screenshot the entire thing.

Giving Up the Playbook

Pelosi’s office immediately published the information on her website, stating, “Their extreme agenda also pledges to make it harder for Americans to vote, purge eligible voters from the rolls, give extreme MAGA state legislatures absolute power to change the rules of elections at whim, and help insert extreme MAGA allies to disrupt polling places and vote-counting, in order to help MAGA politicians invent a basis to overturn the results of elections they don’t like.”

I have to be honest… I love the agenda, but Pelosi is painting this as extreme.

The agenda merely expresses support for defending the unborn and dare I say, requiring valid ID to vote.

As I stated, Pelosi’s characterization of the agenda is way overboard, which we would expect.

I will let you guys decide that, however, as you can view the information on Pelosi’s page that took screenshots of everything and posted it (click here).

Now, I know this was not McCarthy that made the post.

It was more than likely a member of his tech team or an intern, who had an “oh sh**” moment when they hit the publish button.

Unfortunately, whoever that person is needs to be fired because they managed to give Pelosi and Dems our playbook.

Source: Just the News

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