McConnell Took Massive Hit for Stance on Debt Ceiling

Senator McConnell (R-KY) talked tough for weeks on the debt ceiling.

Then, when push came to shove, just as I predicted, he caved.

This may have been the last straw for McConnell, as chatter among Republican aides says his reputation took a significant hit on this one.

Can He Recover?

If you read CJR regularly, you know I do not like McConnell, not a bit.

He is an obstructionist who serves a purpose from time to time, but I would prefer to see him removed from office.

I do not live in Kentucky, however, so there is nothing I can do about that other than point out the fact he is an establishment grunt who rarely delivers on his promises.

The debt ceiling was just one in a long list of failures for McConnell, but it surely will not be his last.

After he caved on the debt ceiling, he published a tough guy letter to Biden, saying Republicans would not help Dems again on that front, but he has zero credibility on this front.

Even Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) is taking shots at McConnell now.

He stated, “I think this was a crisis entirely of McConnell’s making when he decided to announce the caucus’s position this summer.

“He created drama and thought it would go a lot differently than he expected and then he blinked.

“He put his caucus into a tough position.”

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), who has always been loyal to McConnell, added, “I believe Democratic Leader Schumer was on the verge of surrendering and then unfortunately … Republicans blinked. I think that was a mistake.”

According to a report on Newsmax, there are already rumblings about who will take over if McConnell slips further or if Trump decides to run and wins in 2024.

If that happens, there is simply no way Trump will work with McConnell, so it could force the hand of the Senate, especially if McConnell has another major gaffe before the next election.

I firmly believed McConnell should have had a hard challenge in the primary, but people keep pulling the handle for him even though he regularly is among the lowest approval ratings in Congress.

I say strike while the iron is hot. Oust him from leadership and get some fresh blood in there that will actually get something done and stand up for conservatives in this country.

Source: The Hill

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35 Responses

  1. I totally agree – he’s no longer a republican, he’s working for the other side, and certainly not for the citizens of this country. We need new leadership – strong leadership in the senate. At the very least, he needs to grow some balls.

    1. grow balls this POS never had any to grow the Repubs dont have any either they would have thrown this scumbag out some time ago

  2. I and Donald Trump “AGREE”, time for all the RHINOS get out of the way, Cheney, Romney, the Senators from Alaska and Maine as well as McConnell. Get them out in 2022 and 2024 or hope they RESIGN BEFORE THEN!

  3. It’s not a mystery that McConnell is a chameleon. Historically he wants to appear to take a stand but without a spine, appearance is the best we ever get from him as he eventually caves. We do not need compliance from our republican representatives right now, we need a firm stance and NO CAVING. In other words, we need representatives WITH A SPINE WHO WON’T SELL US OUT TO THEIR DEM BUDDIES. Not another RINO.

    1. McConnell looks drunk or PW’ed every time he appears on TV. Kentuckians need to primary McConnell and elect a true no-compromise Republican to the Senate. Newt Gingrich forced government shutdowns and forced “slick willie” Clinton’s hand in the 1990’s; the same needs to happen now.

  4. McConnell has been a no good traitor weasel Rino for years now and his tail is still in there!! This is just totally DISGUSTING!! When that other one Paul Ryan was leader of the House, they conspired against President Trump for two years and done more damage that the Communist Democrats. They are and McConnell still is a pair of weasels! Get that Damn McConnell out of the Senate Kentucky voters for your own sake and for the rest of what is left of a free country!!!

  5. I have felt for a long time Senator McConnell should not be leading the Republicans in the Senate. In 2022, the senate will probably be a republican majority and McConnell will be back at the helm. If Kentucky will not remove
    him for someone else, then at least remove him from Majority leader. It is about time we have a strong conservative running the republican party. Get rid of al the rhinos

  6. Yes, but when faced with the government shutdown, I’m sure he thought it better to agree on something lesser. He has already said he will not do that when this time runs out in December. The biggest problem, which made him regret his decision, was Schumer. He gave no credit, or thanks that now the government is funded for a little while longer. He belittled Republicans. He’s the one that needs to go. Along with Pelosi, Harris, and of course, Biden. I miss my husband every day, but glad he does not have to witness what Biden, and the dems, are doing to our country. By the time Biden’s term is up, we will be under communism. They want ALL control. Now, even monitoring our bank accounts.

  7. Old “Colonel Turncoat” needs to get on his pony and ride out of Washington! He has ALWAYS been an eager
    opportunist, always looking for what’s best for HIM, never what’s best for the Republican Party. If you look up the word RINO in the dictionary, you will probably see a picture of “Mitch will Switch”. See you later, mister traitor…..


  8. McConnell is a lawyer you cannot TRUST! He must go and I hope the people of Kentucky get rid of this spineless senator. Trump was right – he has to go!

  9. McConnell is worst than a turtle… at least a turtle moves toward a destination or goal. He is a useless waste of a heart beat! I feel for the TRUE CONSERVATIVES of KY that voted for this looser in the primaries… his wife is a China spy as far as I am concerned and he is Pus whipped!

  10. I cannot stand the man. Can’t even stand to look at him. He has needed to go for a long time. I agree with Tom. How dare people disparage turtles with this piece of worthless crap. Cruz you need to look elsewhere. Don’t tie yourself to Mitch.

  11. Mcconnle is married to a Chinese spy her family is with the communist party he should be fired right now, he is no good for AMERICA we dont need pussies at the wheel Mconnel should get an Apartment with pence they are both carrying suitcases full of cash from biden and the chinese

  12. For all the blowhards, zealots and haters, from both the right and the Left, including DJT, they all misread and misunderstand Mitch McConnell, for who he is and what he does. And in this world where almost all the parties have stopped negotiating as law makers and have resorted to tribal hatred and warfare, McConnell, like the keel on a boat, remains steadfast in trying to keep the process on a middle path, where nobody comes away from the negotiating emptyhanded. Give a little to get a little. That is the lawmaking process that has served such a wide-ranging group of communities as there are in the US. The process has now descended into tribal warfare where one group tries to bully everybody else into line, their line of proselytizing, and punishes those who disagree with them. That is Marxist, not American. Like him or not, Mitch remains the bulwark to save the mediation process.

  13. mcconnel is a payed off pussie, cant keep his word for anything ! a dammed no gut traitor to the americans and country,he should be gone with the rest of them rhinos in the republican party!

  14. Personally, I never heard anything about McConnell having a Chinese wife until a few days ago. That must have really been kept secret. McConnell has proven himself to be either a gutless wonder who simply refuses to stand and fight like a man or he’s a traitorous member of that bunch of communists who masquerade as democrats. Some will no doubt agree that a two party government is the way to go. Republicans and democrats who disagree, argue, debate and eventually give a little and take a little, and meet somewhere in the middle. Not like that communist trash, Biden, Pelosi and Schumer. And of course put McConnell in that bunch because all he does is cave in to their wishes.

  15. Why expect anything else. Every time he has to make a hard decision he folds and throws in his hand. Even when he has a winning hand. Check his bank records that may tell why, something is not right. May be controlled by the same organized crime that nasty Nancy is in commanding.

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