McConnell Predicts Taliban Running Afghanistan by End of Year

The move to withdraw troops from Afghanistan is arguably the most polarizing bipartisan issue in politics right now.  

While Trump supports the move, there are plenty on the right that believe it is a massive mistake to fully withdraw all troops from Afghanistan and turn the country over to the Taliban.  

Senator McConnell (R-KY), who has been at odds with Trump as of late, is among those that believe this is just a bad move that will have horrific aftereffects.  

McConnell called it a “mistake,” adding, “I think it’s important to remember why we went there. 

“I think there’s a higher likelihood that the Taliban will be back in control of the country, maybe as early as the end of the year.” 

McConnell is now flipping the script on his approach, calling it a counter-terrorism operation rather than a conflict.  

He stated, “We’ve had about twenty-five hundred to three thousand troops there for counterterrorism and for ongoing training of Afghan National Army. 

“I believe I’m accurate in saying we didn’t lose a single American military personnel in combat in a year, so it’s not like we’re engaged in continuous combat activity.” 

Honestly, this simple rephrasing of the narrative could swing more support to McConnell’s side of the argument because nobody wants to see any terrorist group rise to prominence again.  

At the heart of everyone’s concerns are the young Afghan women and what will happen to them if the United States removes all presence from the area.  

On this issue, McConnell stated, “I worry about the future of Afghan women and girls. And we will end up in a situation much like we’ve found ourselves in before.

“We’re not there to do them a favor. It’s just in our best interest.

“And I think the president has made a mistake.” 

Source: Fox News 

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9 Responses

  1. Let them fight their own battles or die, tired of our troops having to police the World which costs us tons of money and many lives. Bring our troops home.

    1. I agree with you. I don’t believe anything that good ole Mitch has to say because he isn’t too bright and will always sell out to the highest bidder.

  2. This isn’t the only mistake obiden has made. Everything he does is a calculated “ mistake”, but he keeps making them! This flap just takes attention away from what is REALLY going on at our southern border!

  3. We had more troops than that in Washington for the Big Lie that the democrats tried to perpetuate on the American people. They just could not accept that real American people would protest the voter irregularities of the last election. The democrats had to make it that they were trying to take over this country without any guns, tanks, burning, and killing. They had to insist that five people died in the “BLOODY, DEADLY insurrection. Those people died of heart attacks and other health issues . But the news said so many times that it was a deadly attack. Of course the liberals ,not thinking, agreed with them. Anything to attack Trump. The media also call the voter fraud,” THE BIG LIE ” and of course that is without an proof because all justices for some reason will not even investigate the many evidences that the votes were illegal. Why do you think that is? They would not even try to investigate them . WHY?????

  4. I believe that McConnell is correct. However, Muslims wars are endless and we have been pissing up a rope thinking that we could convert them to our way of thinking. Ain’t gonna happen.

    1. Wars are a way of life in the Muslim world.
      That will go on til the end of time. We must get out; let them kill their own.
      Life is not sacred to them.

  5. USA do not want the Taliban back in control because the price of heroin will go sky high and those who snort most are Americans. This is and was the only reason we are still there. Poppies the world’s best poppies. Other than that we have made no headway to get the lazy Arabs to control their own country, nor do they want a Democracy. Let them rise or fail, we will never change them. Trillions of dollars later, how many fighters have we trained? The Arab men sit around while the women work, drinking hot tea and not much else. The average Arab man has never held a job. Read the book Haj and see what their customs are.

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