McConnell Quote Taken Out of Context, Liberals Go Berserk

Senator McConnell (R-KY) is about to be made out to be a racist.

McConnell provided the country with a snippet that sent liberals into a tizzy.

Be it a poor choice of words or not taking the comment into proper context is irrelevant at this point, because the trolls have already lost their mind and virtually every mainstream media outlet is portraying it as something nefarious.

No, Mitch!

So, Joe Biden goes on national TV and calls half the country domestic enemies, and it just dies out.

Then McConnell says this and everyone loses their mind…

On its own, it doesn’t sound very good, but you have to put this into context, which nobody seems to want to do.

McConnell was defending the filibuster, with Democrats saying that the African American vote is suppressed compared to other demographics.

McConnell’s point was that the Democrat narrative on African American voters was just wrong, and the numbers back him up.

Secondly, you know if I am defending McConnell, who I despise, he really did nothing wrong.

This is nothing more than more gaslighting from the mainstream media, but I would all but guarantee a McConnell apology is coming sooner rather than later.

Source: Yahoo! News

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7 Responses

  1. I did not read any more of Mr.Mcconnells speech other than what was printed but if democrats try to say it was in any way a disparaging statement against African Americans, they are grasping at straws. Anything else will be outright lies.!!!!!

  2. If Republicans don`t curtail that old Mc Connel in the party and get rid of him, they ar not going to have a party to run in 2024. The guy is hated by almost every American that breadth on the land. He makes Biden a sugar daddy to Americans,

  3. Saul Alinski is alive and well: his tactics are being used daily by the ambush media to dissect every impromptu comment made by any public official deemed opposition, to twist and turn their remarks into hateful epithets. They protect their own by burying Biden’s gaffes and their other members’ hate speech, yet seek to twist any open observation by those less apostolic w their enthusiasm into a hateful event. This is freedom of speech under attack. Their goal is to make any comments perceived as opposition into a hate crime and this is the model Pelosi is using to attack Trump w her Jan 6 commission. It is not about an honest investigation, it is about labelling Trump an insurrectionist and destroying Trump and his family name. This is not building anything better, this is about destroying the USA, once the land of the free, and imposing a police state on the US, making it into a USSA.

  4. I’m sick of all of this Cancel Culture. Get back to reality, and defend the best Nation in the world. Go live in North Korea, Venezuela,or some other country, where you are so restricted, that you are always in despair . Then come back, to kiss ground of this great Republic. This whole thought process ,makes me want to vomit.

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