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McConnell Rips Dems for Putting Religion Behind Protesting

Now that the rioting has died down in most parts of the country, Democrats feel safer about going out to support protesters, and we are seeing more and more of them attend rallies and protests.

All the while, the very same Democrats are still keeping their cities and states in lockdowns, literally arresting business owners who want to open their doors as well as refusing to allow churches to serve their parishioners.

It’s just not fair and finally, Senator McConnell (R-KY) is calling them out for it.

Protests Over Religion

There has been a very active debate over whether or not local churches should be able to hold services during the pandemic.

Many of these churches have suggested holding outdoor services, drive-thru services, as well as limiting how many people could attend, yet they were still told to keep their doors closed.

This is clearly an issue that has bothered people of faith on both the left and right.

Addressing this very situation, Senator Mitch McConnell stated, “Many Americans feel they’ve just seen those fastidious regulations and that puritanical zeal disappear in an instant because a new cause has emerged that powerful people agree with.

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“A month ago, small protest demonstrations were widely condemned as reckless and selfish.

“Now, massive rallies that fill entire cities are not just praised, but in fact, are called especially brave because of the exact same health risks that brought condemnation when the cause was different.”

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Denying First Amendment Rights

The driving point behind McConnell’s objection to how Democrats are conducting themselves is that they are literally picking and choosing which constitutionally guaranteed rights they are allowing.

McConnell stated, “The rights of free speech, free assembly, and the free exercise of religion are all First Amendment rights.

“They have the same constitutional pedigree. But apparently, while protests are now permissible, prayer is still too dangerous.

“Politicians are now picking and choosing within the First Amendment itself.”

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) joined McConnell in calling out these hypocritical Democrats, stating, “Democratic governors encouraged — and often participated in — mass protests that didn’t follow their own social distance guidelines.

“How can they continue to discriminate against churches trying to safely reopen?”

That is a great question, Senator Cotton, it is just a shame the mainstream media is not asking it.

Sources: Washington Examiner & C-Span

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