McConnell Says ‘Skinny’ Bill Goes to Vote This Week

We have all seen how House Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) has been playing games regarding stimulus funding.

Republicans have, time and again, offered stand-alone legislation to address these needs.

Rather than cower to Pelosi’s threats, Republicans are going to put several skinny bills on the Senate floor this week for a vote.

The Skinny Bills

The first piece of legislation is scheduled to be put on the Senate floor on Tuesday.

This will be a stand-alone bill for additional funding to the PPP program.

On Wednesday, another bill is scheduled to go up for a vote, which will be a $300 billion relief bill, far lower than the $2 trillion Democrats are hoping to get.

Pelosi had previously mentioned that she would take a look at stand-alone legislation if it was part of a bigger deal, and that is exactly what McConnell is about to give her.

Between just these two bills, Republicans will be offering about $1 trillion in funding, with plenty of other program work still needed to be worked out.

Point being, if Pelosi is reasonable, these skinny bills would be passed and they can hash out the other funding that is needed but it is not quite as urgent as the funding the Republicans are trying to get passed through by the middle of the week.

Source: New York Post

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