Fox News: The Media ‘flipped a switch’ on Biden

For the better part of nine months, the media has covered for Joe Biden, regardless of the failures and atrocities of this administration.

Over the last two weeks, we have started to see a dramatic change, however.

Suddenly, Biden’s failures are unacceptable and networks other than Fox News are starting to jam up Biden and Psaki with tough questions.

As Fox News reported, “It’s almost like someone flipped a switch and the press suddenly discovered that Joe Biden is unpopular.”

Hit the Switch

Let’s be clear about something… Joe Biden was never really popular in this country.

He was out of two presidential elections before things ever got interesting.

He was almost out of this one when the Democrat establishment bought in after Kamala Harris crashed and burned.

Biden “won” because he was the ONLY alternative to a man many deemed crass, rude, and unworthy of the office.

Even with those labels, Trump managed to knock down more than 74 million votes… not bad for someone half the country despised.

And, since we are gushing truth bombs here, everyone knew what they were getting when Trump got elected in 2016.

He was elected to shake things up, and he did, and the establishment on both sides of the aisle panicked.

Four more years of him, and they could all be out of a job, so they all rallied around Joe Biden, took a deep swallow of blue Kool-Aid, and did what they had to do, literally, to get him elected.

In a mere nine months, Joe Biden has proven what most of us already knew… he is a fraud, a horrible foreign policy manager, and an outright liar.

He promised everyone the world and promised he would do it within days and weeks, not months and years, and now he is being called out for it.

The media can no longer deny his failures… that is pretty tough to do when his best poll has him at 43 percent (about a 33 percent drop from when he took office).

The fact that White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is sarcastic and rude to the media added to Joe Biden avoiding the media at all costs is not helping.

Democrats were so arrogant regarding the role of the media, House Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) even called out the media on national TV for not selling Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan to the American people more effectively.

When she said it, you could almost hear a pin drop in the briefing room.

The tide with both the media and the public has changed, and this administration is taking on water like nothing I have ever seen before in my adult life.

What do you guys think? Can Joe Biden recover from this, or will the downward spiral continue, followed by a red tsunami in the mid-term elections?

What about the media? Has it finally turned the corner and do your think the media will start reporting honestly regarding this administration?

Source: Fox News

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24 Responses

    1. BULLS EYE !! and I ‘ll believe that MSM will be HONEST about Exposing BIDEN when they go after his CROOKED DEALINGS with HUNTER for the MIllions they got from Ukraine, Russia and cHINA for the “SELLING” of FAVORS .as wll as WHO bought HUNTER infantile CRAYONS ART for future BIDEN “FAVORS”……….

  1. The media is a circus..and the clown they have been promoting isn’t selling tickets anymore..soooo..they are going to switch streams in order to get more views. They are whores only care about ratings..NO AMERICA FIRST IN THIS MAIN STREET MEDIA!

  2. Even a BLIND IDIOT can’t hide what these DEMWITTS are doing and there are so many of them, like rats in the basement. They are in the House, in the Senate, in the White House, the Pentagon, the FBI, the CIA. in State Houses and Governors! They are all DEMWITTS working to destroy the USA as we all know it and its about time that main stream media, Hollywood, and the rest of the DEMWITT base join with us to say ENOUGH is ENOUGH! Otherwise there will no longer be a USA and it will cease to be the beacon of FREE PEOPLE!

  3. I think people are finally Waking Up and realizing what a disaster Biden and his entire Administration is to our country ! Actually to The World ! All the bills and executive orders that he signed from day 1 until now have started to destroy America and Our People ! Time fir all of them to resign and I mean all of the Deep State too it better yet to be impeached for Fraud, Crimes Against Humanity, Treason, and the Murders of all 13 Soldiers in Afghanistan, and the other civilians that were killed by a Military drone strike including 7 children . Time to take Our Country Back from this Tyrannical Government that is out to destroy Our Great Nation ! One Nation Under God . 🙏🏻❤️🇺🇸🙏🏻❤️🇺🇸🙏🏻🇺🇸

  4. Easy solution! The press needs to publish “all” issues regardless of party affiliation. Let the truth out and the citizens will respect the media as well as appreciate seeing and hearing “all” issues. We are then free to do whatever it is that is needed to vote on the issues with a clear picture.
    My hat is off to those that lay it on the line truthfully!

  5. They all need to be brung up on charges, Biden for Treason, hopefully they wake up,but money talks,we know who’s really buying them off. Soros


    2. So true they the media can never be trusted again .. they all belong in jail for treason! If they could see our country out now they’ll do it again!

  6. I think the media turning on Biden is a smoke screen .There is a reason for everything with the Demacratic Party .It appears they are trying to sweeten Kamal a at the same time ,beware conservative Americans.

  7. The main stream media and all Americans NEED to realise that, if America goes down the tubes at the hands of the Dems then, all Americans will go down with her. Something NEEDS to be done about this Democratic Party for the sake of America and its people!!!

  8. In my front yard is a flag upside down because we are a country in distress and people need to be held accountable not lock up in jail like in DC after Jan 6 many never got time in court .This country is a banana republic.

  9. He will continue to auger in, leaving nothing but a smoking crater. As far the media, I doubt it. They have to much too lose. Their credibility has taken a major hit, and they can’t afford to alienate the democrats, because if they do, they’re done.

  10. Republicans need more voting members if they are to win more national elections. This will require recruiting more minorities, centrist Democrats and independents. You can’t do that without offering them something in return. Seek to understand what those factors could be and which are compatible with GOP values. There is common ground out there which should be cultivated. Seems obvious to me that we will win more elections with more party members.

  11. I think that all the people who are against America have been radicalized during the Obama administration. America is spiraling downward and it is time to stop this. We Americans cannot let our country go down along with all of us. Stand up for America ! All I hear is the clamour of our country in distress and the dollar going down. The ships with all the cargo are sitting out in the water and the stores are almost empty and this will cause the biggest inflation ever in my lifetime over 76 years and all babies, chrildren and adults along with all Seniors will suffer hunger. Send the military to go and start emptying all the cargo on those ships to stop this inflation cause inflation is getting higher and higher on the cost of food and everything else in our country.

  12. Hey other Media Hes YOUR Man U wanted in office
    Why now react, U game played daily until now
    Its ON U Media, Its your Fault
    Change tune or lose
    You wanted him in the Oval Office

  13. Correction: Biden “won” due to a fraudulent election by treasonous individuals. Trump won and is the rightful President. #FJB #FJoeBiden #LetsGoBrandon #FKH #FKamalaHarris #FactsDontCareAboutYourFeelings #WWG1WGA

  14. Biden is a sick person his mind is gone and people need to see this he can’t make a speech or even think on his own he needs to be out of office

  15. Joe Biden is a demented delusional naive airhead idiot who finally got himself illegally elected to the presidency based on backroom deals of lies – corruption – deception – ineffective conspiracies – get him the f–k out of there – he is destroying this country that millions of us American GI’s. – including four generations of my family – me – my son – my father – both of my grandfathers’ – over one hundred years fought, sacrificed and died for – yes, we all saluted our flag – sang our national anthem – putting our lives “on the line” for our country.

  16. Let’s cut to the chase. How do we get rid of him before he manages to get rid of us? We need an accelerated plan and people with a backbone to do this for us. They work for us so do something PLEASE!!!

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