Media Gangs Up Against Fox News’ Peter Doocy to Push WH Narrative

Last week, Fox News’ Peter Doocy put White House Press Secretary on the defensive regarding the White House teaming up with Facebook to censor posts.

The exchange was epic, and it had Jen Psaki working overtime as a spin artist.

After the White House expressed outrage over the question, not so shockingly, many mainstream media outlets fell in line and went after Doocy.

Eating Their Own

Think back to all the loaded and inaccurate questions asked by CNN’s Jim Acosta during the Trump presidency.

How often did the majority of the mainstream media turn against him?

I honestly cannot think of a single time and if I am wrong, please correct me.

Doocy’s question here was a legitimate one, and one that free speech advocates have ripped the White House on…

Even so, Washington Post reporter Aaron Blake slammed Doocy, stating, “Doocy’s claim that the stat Psaki cited was proof of yet more supposed spying is just nonsensical, as he might have found had he done even the slightest bit of due diligence.

“But at least another spying conspiracy theory that can be turned into cable news segments has now been seeded.”

CNN’s Jake Tapper stated, “It’s not true. But once again we see another example of just lies making their way into the airwaves.”

Vanity Fair did a piece on it with the headline, “White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki Stuffs Fox News’ Peter Doocy In Another Locker.”

Let me say it again until it really sinks in… state-run media.

This administration says it, and about 95 percent of the mainstream media bite down hard and push the desired narrative.

Source: Daily Caller

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10 Responses

  1. Sorry to say but they will walk away like nothing happened and just turn it around for more sanctions on peoples freedoms. You Republicans have a good point but its dulled by your lack of anything other than headlines. It includes honesty. Makes you no better than the democrats. Do something or shut up cause your losing as bad as they are. Sorry but my vote is going to an independent and even if it costs you an election. Theres very few Republicans that act as that today. Clean your party up or you will be defeated .

    1. I don’t care if they’re shoving weasels up their butts , they’re not democrats/commies ,so go vote for spite ,even when you cut your nose off it’ll still smell of commie stink

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    Your party is going down your true colors have been exposed everyday with BIDEN…..

    Boring Boring Biden, he has stayed way to long at the party.
    Along with Nancy and Chuck
    These three r out of touch …..go home you all have stolen enough money

  3. What do you expect? It is called the first amendment. Peter does a good job and gets put
    down from everyone. The Dems because he ask questions and the conservatives because he
    doesn’t follow up. Cut the guy some slack!!!!!Anyone that can do more, go for it.

    1. Peter Doocy does a great job. He doesn’t mind asking the tough questions or taking any flack thrown at him. Fox made a good choice

  4. Thanks to Big Tech for the State run media machine.
    Join forces with NewsMax & OAN OK Doocey

  5. CNN is telling him that he lied? They are the epitome of lies. CNN people wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them.
    Good vs Evil is all.this is and will continue to be. I’ll put my vote on a republican.

  6. Peter Doocey is the only one asking probing questions of the corrupt Biden dictatorship. At least he is respectful and cordial , unlike the way Jake Tapper showed complete lack of respect to Donald Trump . Jake Tapper got away with political murder and the fake news media just sat there like a bunch of booth licking lap dogs and just piled on Trump.

  7. CNN attacks Doocey but they praise dementia Joe. Typical for the CNN BUNCH. Biden has no business being President. We might as well elect a rock or a brick for president!

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