Media Ignores Impact of Lockdowns on Kids

Democrats and teachers’ unions are getting a free ride on one of the most significant issues that has impacted our children over the last two years.

That, of course, would be the COVID lockdowns that kept them out of school.

The reports are blistering, yet nobody is holding Democrats accountable and few news outlets are covering the story.

Big Issues

For instance, the National Center for Education Statistics released a horrifying report on the matter.

Its data found that 70 percent of our public schools reported increased student mental health issues.

Another study found that 1.3 million students have left the public school system.

Additionally, it has been estimated that the lockdowns are crushing these kids’ futures, costing this generation $21 trillion in future earnings.

Corey A. DeAngelis, a school choice advocate and the national director of research of the American Federation for Children, stated, “School closures were always more about politics and power than safety and the needs of children.

“Meanwhile private schools, daycares, grocery stores, and other businesses were able to figure it out from the get-go.

“These union-induced school closures hurt children academically, mentally, and physically.

“Teachers unions fought against reopening schools every step of the way.

“They even lobbied the CDC to keep schools closed longer. Government officials weren’t following the science, they were following the Political Science.”

These lockdowns, by-and-large, were driven by teachers’ unions, which have a significant hold on the Democrat Party.

Like they are doing now over the PACT Act and our veterans, they used students as props to gain political clout and power.

You can read the full report on Fox News.

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