Media Ignoring Heroic Death of Texas National Guard Member

Spc. Bishop E. Evans is probably a name you have not heard.

He is someone that gave his life to save a migrant trying to get into this country illegally.

Evans jumped into the Rio Grande to save two migrants that were struggling, and he lost his life in the process.

Sadly, the mainstream media and the White House have all but ignored the story.


Evans was only 22 years old when he died, swept away in rushing waters to save two people that were breaking the law.

However, the media does not want to cover it because that would mean putting a spotlight on the immigration problem at the border.

Evans should have been hailed as a hero by this administration, but that is also unlikely to happen for the same reason.

Thank you for your service, soldier.

We only regret that you lost your life because of Joe Biden’s horrific border policies.

Source: Texas Tribune

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13 Responses

  1. he should have let the illegal aliens drown, they were breaking the law trying to get in but also were found to have drugs they were trying to smuggle in…LET THEM ALL DROWN, except for kids of course

    1. That is what I said when Iread about this…We need to do something to stop the take over of our country.

      1. Charge Joe Biden with treason and put our military units with full armored equipment on the border to stop the terrorists, drug traffickers, human traffickers, MS13 violent gangs, and grifters and freeloaders from entering our country.

    2. That, Lisa is a disgusting thing to say…HE would not have agreed with you or HE would not have been WILLING to jump into the water. YOU MAY NOT VALUE ALL LIFE BUT APPARENTLY THIS YOUNG MAN HAD MORE RESPECT FOR LIFE THAN YOU DO…YOU’RE DISGUSTING…SHAME ON YOU FOR TREATING Spc. Bishop E. Evans LEGECY WITH SUCH DISGUSTING COMMENTS!!! ALL LIFE IS VALUABLE!!! He did a heroic job~~~

  2. SO you offer prayers to his family because he cared enough about LIFE as GOD directs us to – so do YOU know what THAT makes YOU???? AND it doesn’t say much to his family for you to practically tell them that he was stupid and not as honorable a PERSON as they believed…that sure puts YOU in the sewer of humanity!!!

    CAPTCHA NEVER SHOWS UP FOR ME TO ADDRESS IT EITHER….THAT is NOT considered in line with our CONSTITUTION including FREE SPEECH – that IS CHINA LIKE!!! If you want and DEMAND I answer CAPTCHA, then BRING IT TO US!!!

    1. I hope your not referring to the Militar whose stuck out there doing the job that worthless biden should be doing, this young hero’s death is on bidens back. bidens, besides being a lying crook, is now a killer!

  3. There is not one Democrat and Damn few Republicans in DC who would risk their lives for a stranger, much less an illegal alien. DC swampers and others need to reevaluate their intestinal fortitude and GET THE RIGHT/GOOD JOB DONE.

  4. You know if he had let them drown, the MSM and the Left would have called him racist and a non-humanitarian. He wouldn’t have been able to win either way.

  5. Sounds like a Soldier’s Medal is called for. RIP young trooper; prayers for your family.

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