Media Slammed for Reversal Over Characterization of Biden Travel Ban

Last week, Joe Biden made a major reversal of policy regarding travel bans.

The Biden pivot also caused the mainstream media to do a reversal in how it portrayed travel bans.

This has led to some rather significant pushback from conservative journalists who are now unloading on the mainstream media and Biden.

The Reversal

We all remember what Joe said when Trump introduced the travel ban.

In no uncertain terms, Biden called the ban of African nations racist and Xenophobic.

Biden had also stated that this virus would be beaten by travel bans but rather with a plan.

Biden, at the time, stated, “We are in the midst of a crisis with the coronavirus.

“We need to lead the way with science – not Donald Trump’s record of hysteria, xenophobia, and fear-mongering. He is the worst possible person to lead our country through a global health emergency.”

Well, now Joe is in office and a new strain is out that may be more infectious, but we still do not have a clue if it is more dangerous (so far, it appears to be a mild strain).

The White House, of course, is pushing the narrative that Donald Trump’s ban was born of hatred while Joe Biden’s is just the right thing to do.

Sadly, the media has bought into this narrative as well.

Just look how different CNN frames the travel ban with Trump and Biden…

Fox News Joe Concha added, “Because Joe Biden’s ban comes from good, decent place in an effort to save lives, while Trump just did it as an excuse to ban people from coming here.

“As utterly sophomoric and ridiculous as those arguments are in applying motive, there are actually enough viewers and readers out there willing to believe it.”

Vernon Jones also chimed in…

As did Media Research Center’s Dan Gainor, who stated, “The legacy media never disappoint.

“They continue to embrace their role as public relations staff for the Biden administration. The omicron variant has been identified in at least a dozen countries so far. Nearly all of those weren’t included in Biden’s list of nations where he blocked travel.

“The key reason South Africa was blocked is it actually identified the virus. Yet, the press refused to call out Biden in any similar way to what they did to President Donald Trump.”

“Leftist journalists continue to obey my rule of media coverage: Everything left is right and everything right is wrong.”

You heard me talk about the pivot of our media becoming state-run media, and we continue to get closer to that dangerous path.

Even though some outlets are reporting more truthfully about this administration, it is not happening from top to bottom in any organization.

When it comes to outlets like CNN, well, they might as well be getting checks cut as the PR department of the Democrat Party and this administration.

The media and Democrats fabricated this narrative from the outset and continue to cover for the lie even now.

Then, all we get from the White House when they are called out on its spin, just as we saw from Jen Psaki yesterday on this very topic…

What do you guys think? Is the mainstream media doing enough to expose the lies told by the Democrat Party when Trump was in office regarding the pandemic?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Fox News

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12 Responses

  1. Hypocrites, plain and simple. Mr. “I will eradicate the virus” is doing the same things his predecessor did that he called “racist and xenophobic” but now it’s wise and well thought out. Hypocrites flopping about without a plan.

  2. The dems only do what serves them. It doesn’t matter that they are hypocritical. The media lets him get by and why is that? Because they (the press/media) are all in on the left side. They couldn’t care less if what Biden is doing is bad for the country only that it fits with their narrative, which is always a false narrative.

    1. I would care less if I picked up the morning paper and read that Jen Psaki had a good heart attack or stroke, cancer, or got run over by a illegal alien drunk/drugged driver. She is a commercial liar and gets paid good taxpayer money to lie.

  3. The News Media is extremely corrupt, including Television Programs like Hallmark Movies and Advertisements. They push the envelope with Black men having white women and mixed babies of black and white inter racial. That totally turns my stomach.

    1. Though I believe in equality I feel and always have felt that the color line shouldn’t be crossed. Otherwise keep the bloodline as pure as possible. Then again, I suppose it’s just a case of personal choice.

  4. Democrats why do we call them that they are now Marxist Communist who protect criminals and punish police officers for protecting us against criminals. A little food for thought if the police would have let the higher than a kite George Floyd drive and he happen to run down a few black children whose fault would it have of course not Mr Angel George Floyd it would have been the police for letting him go !

  5. This THIRD term of King Obama gets MORE REDICULOUS every day !!!!!!!!!!!!! Using O’Biden as his front man he is getting what he has wanted all along !!!!!!!!!! Destroying America while everyone is laughing at O’Biden !!!!!!!!!!!! And it is amazing that NO ONE is doing anything about it !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Their transparent policies since e they took place in an illegitimate election. Tthe illegal aliens on our borders, the war debacle that left our militaries men, women, and our ammunition to be used by isis to torture and take over, we don’t hear his telephone calls with foreign leaders, turning his back to the people and press, hiding laptops, diaries, any and all data about POTUS, or whether he’s had a cognitive test, and its just to keep us safe within! We need unity in congress.

  7. This is going to blow up in Biden’s face yet again. Just wait and watch. And you know he doesn’t care about how many people are going to die. More people dead this year than when Trump was in office. Nice going Brandon!!

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