Tucker Carlson: Media Won’t Investigate Motives Behind Parade Massacre

Last weekend, a horrific attack took place in Wisconsin.

Amid a holiday parade, a vehicle crashed through the crowd, injuring dozens, with six people having died so far.

When the media thought it was a right-wing extremist, it was all over the story, but that has changed since a suspect was arrested, and Tucker Carlson says he knows why.

Wrong Narrative

After Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted of all charges, we all knew riots were going to happen.

What nobody expected was a massacre.

The horrifying scene of a vehicle rolling through the parade made national headlines, but the story has since died down considerably.

As it turns out, the alleged driver of the car was a BLM supporter who also benefited from low bail-no bail programs by an uber-progressive DA.

There have also been reports that the alleged driver wanted to take out as many people as possible.

This should be headline news, but we are barely hearing about it on most mainstream media outlets.

We have seen how the media covers for the left, and this is yet another case of exactly that.

If the media were to cover this event honestly, it would hurt Democrats supporting no cash bail, which includes virtually every member of the current administration.

So, what has the media done? It has been speculated on why Darrell Brooks allegedly decided to drive his car into the parade route.

Tucker Carlson addressed this, stating, “Other news organizations had another explanation handy.

“It turns out they told us that Brooks was fleeing from a knife fight. And the implication, of course, was that he got spooked and drove through the parade by accident. You know, as you do.

“Then MSNBC took this theory a step further and suggested the police had somehow goaded Darrell Brooks into driving into people by firing a gun at him.”

He added, “So Brooks was doing whatever he could to get away from the police so effectively, it’s the cop’s fault. Except no, that’s not what happened.

“Eyewitnesses, many eyewitnesses described Brooks zigzagging down the street trying to murder as many innocent people as he could.

“These killings were absolutely intentional. And no, Brooks was not being chased by the police. That’s a lie. So much for that theory.”

You can see Carlson’s full report in the video below…

What do you think? Has the media been reporting this event honestly, or are they trying to justify what Brooks allegedly did?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Fox News

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19 Responses

  1. The media is being run and controlled by the satanic new world order or in other words the swamp…so what else is new??

  2. The only criminals, the Left says, are Trump supporters. Actually the real criminals are the Liberal Left. Crime will eventually catch up to them and then justice will prevail ! Watch.

  3. I am a Christian, therefore I can
    only say that the media is biased as everyone knows, even the leftists. Evil (Satan) is becoming a desired way of living for far too many in this country. My Lord and Savior stated in the Holy Bible that things will become a lot worse right before His majestic return.
    I live only through His grace and return to help as many as He desires.
    May God bless us all.

  4. We need to bring back frontier justice. Have a trail for creeps like this, find them guilty, take them to a hanging tree and string them up. Stop all the appeals and get rid of creeps like this. It would probably reduce the number of these crimes that happen and save the taxpayers millions in caring for all the life sentences that are handed down.

    1. Frontier justice would reduce a lot of crime but the bleeding hearts in the left would fight it. I believe that public executions would also drop the crime rate, but such executions would be considered uncivilized by the left. Basically, any common sense reaction to crime is what the left opposes. I’m of the opinion that the average so called liberal has mental issues which prevent them from exercising logical thought process. What else could be the reason for going easy on criminals?

  5. Democrats are turning out to be common criminals. They need criminal behavior to get the attention of conservatives while their left hand wheels a knife to our countries values.

  6. The main result of the Main Stream Media is the complete hating of the major races and a all out war between them. That gives the excuse for the Government to outlaw individuals owning and having any firearm s. Therefore, complete confiscation of all firearms from the public Thus giving them complete ability to control all of us without our consent. The unelected bureaucrats of DC have no idea of what America is and have until Trump had control of this country. This is why they hate him. He is/was reversing their control. The CIA, FBI are under the control of the radical liberal communist leaning Democrats of the Far West and the Northeast. That control is one of the reasons the Civil war started and that control from the named sections of this country will ultimately start another.

  7. This proves that anyone who wants to kill can find a weapon; banning guns will not stop this or sick people using knives or pressure cooker bombs to kill. You have to have a LOT of hate to kill people you don’t even know. The Left is rapidly destroying this country. Are they all on the CCP payroll as are our POTUS and his worthless son? Are they insane? Do they really think they can be better off under Communism? I’m thankful for the Rittenhouse jury who obviously examined all of the evidence in their days of deliberation and, apparently, came to the right conclusion. For evil to succeed, it is only necessary for good men to do nothing. I’m not sure this country can survive until the 2022 midterm elections. At the rate it’s deteriorating, I’m pretty sure it can’t survive 4 years of Ole Sippy Cup. God help us.

  8. This falls right in with the FBI statistics: more whites are killed by blacks than vice versa. AND Blacks kill more of their own (by a large factor) than any other group.

  9. Ghetto rat brown guy hates conservatives so runs down white people because he is a brown guy. So they have to spin it on Cops shooting at him chasing him. Has a sixteen year old as his hoe. Why is bail so low he should be hanging from a yardarm somewhere. See liberals car truck gun knives can not murder unless a saw DemoEvilCrat is behind it.

  10. Sooner or later the people that watch the left leaning propaganda news will realize it and stop being brainwashed some will never get it but when one has no common sense it’s impossible to get anything right, hence the herd of sheep/nation of cattle.

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