Meghan McCain Calls for Fauci Replacement After Mixed Messages

Meghan McCain seems to have found her conservative bones again now that Trump is no longer in office.

McCain recently blasted Fauci on “The View,” openly calling for him to be replaced.

She believes this is needed due to the constant mixed messages and doomsday narrative that Fauci has been putting out.

Time for Him to Go

Fauci recently stated that masks may be needed into 2022.

In addition to that message, his vaccine messages have not been well received by people, especially after grandparents who have been vaccinated are now being told they may not be able to hug their grandkids if they have not been vaccinated.

Here is the recent report on Fox News covering this…

And here is a recent “The View” post on it…

After Fauci’s comments, McCain sent out this tweet…

I have to agree with McCain on this and have been saying something similar for weeks now.

I used to respect Fauci, but I believe he has let us all down during this pandemic, seemingly more interested in gaining celebrity status and playing politics rather than doing his actual job.

You can read more about this report on Fox News.

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