Megyn Kelly Announces Launch of Devil May Care Media

Megyn Kelly is back.

There has been a lot of speculation as to what Megyn Kelly would do after her failed stint on “Today,” and now we finally know.

Kelly is launching her own media venture called Devil May Care Media.

She’s Back

Kelly had always been a popular TV journalist, that is until Trump came along.

Trump and Kelly had some rather epic battles during interviews as well as during the debates.

Kelly cashed in on her elevated fame by leaving Fox News and anchoring “Today,” but it was a bad marriage right from the start.

Her conservatism did not blend well with the “Today” format and an innocent comment ended her tenure before she was really able to get into a groove.

Kelly did, however, walk away with a massive settlement, giving her as much time as she needed to figure out what she wanted to do next… and she has.

Devil May Care Media

Rather than have a master behind the operation, Kelly is going to take a stab at operating her own media company.

She characterized it as “No B.S. No agenda. No corporate overlords. Should be fun!”

Kelly added, “Every journalist’s dream is to cover the biggest stories and talk to the most interesting people without the shadow of a politicized media institution hanging over them.

“That’s what I’m about to do.

“With Devil May Care Media, I answer only to my audience and my conscience.

“Those who like what I have to say will find the experience deeply rewarding. Those who don’t can look elsewhere.

“The point is to give the audience authentic content that goes places where traditional media can’t or — more often — won’t.

“It’s a great challenge that will reconnect me with my audience and I’m excited to get started.”

Even though I thought Kelly specifically targeted Trump during the debate season, she was and remains an exceptional journalist.

Had she treated Hillary with the same scrutiny she did Trump, she would probably still be at the top of the ratings for Fox News.

Lessons learned, and hopefully, she learned that you can be tough, you just need to be tough on everyone.

I wish her nothing but the best of luck and only hope she truly digs into the corruption that we all know exists within the mainstream media and our political system because it sure would be nice to have a truly honest journalist reporting on this election.

Source: Daily Caller

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