Megyn Kelly Rips Biden Over Hunter’s Racist Texts

The big news story on Tuesday and Wednesday was the release of texts from Hunter Biden using the n-word.

Most mainstream media outlets have neglected to even report the story.

Additionally, we have not yet seen a single Democrat or White House official come forward to criticize Hunter for his racist texts.

Conservative media, however, has been all over it, with Megyn Kelly landing an epic shot against the current occupant of the White House.

On the anniversary of D-Day, Joe Biden decided to ignore our fallen and post a video from his Tulsa Massacre speech.

Megyn Kelly believes there was a very good reason that Joe Biden wanted to discuss racism in this country rather than our fallen…

Well done, Megyn, well done!

Source: Daily Caller

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21 Responses

  1. The media ignore every story that doesn’t agree with their agenda, it is unbelievable that they haven’t mentioned Hunter Bidens racial slurs, apparently ABC, CBS and NBC have no reporters that follow the news, they haven’t mentioned any of Hunters disgraceful acts. Then they wonder why the majority of people don’t believe them or pay attention to them. They are a disgrace, I’m sure Walter Cronkite, Peter Jennings and others are turning in their graves!

  2. If this situation does not stop by the next time America votes…our next ballots won’t be on any electronic voting device
    ( DOMINION),IT WILL BE BY Smith& Wesson,Mossburg,Springfield Armory,Colt and all there makes of weapons!
    Just saying.

    1. This plan is overdue. I am sick and tired of the democrats getting away with breaking every law on the books all for their personal gain and addenda. They only care about themselves. To H with America, to H with the men and women who made this a free country.

      With them controlling the voting apparatus in this country it leaves no other alternative.

  3. I hope every American citizen is so fed up with the left by the next election that there won’t be a dem left.

    1. How they can even be called American citizens? There is simply a group of totally undereducated, brainwashed, and hateful creatures.
      They are on a level of grammar school with teachers who themselves need proper, if not education, then at least real information.
      Causing damage to its own nation makes them enemies whom I would personally wish to spend some time under real commies in former communist countries.
      They would be cured practically overnight.
      I lived it, I am a former political refugee from Europe. When my husband and I came to the USA we were feeling like in heaven. We learn English every free moment, worked 7 days a week. Never, ever received a single penny or any other form of help. We were thankful for the opportunity to start new, FREE life and I can add a successful one.
      Viva Freedom! Value Your Freedom, ALWAYS!
      Best regards,

      1. If only these so called “intelligent” people in this country would wake up to reality. There is no free lunch! The media preaches to them 24/7, the college professors and now even the public school teachers are teaching below standards with morality and freedom in all aspects of life. The country is in serious trouble and freedom as we knew it is about gone and we know it by allowing Pelosi and the clowns in D.C. continue..

  4. In four years there won’t be any one left to vote. The Democrats are killing us off. Food prices so high at the market it is time to shop directly from the farmers. My family and friends are going to pool our money and buy chickens and cattle from farmers and hire a couple of butchers to slaughter and package for us. Then split meat between family’s. Grow our own vegetables. Who needs fancy packaging???

  5. Biden has been in office less than 6 months and our Government has officially turned us into a Banana Republic. Our media operates like the German propaganda media that brought Nazism into the public eye as a “way to save the country” ! 2022 is our last chance to save America as a relatively free country!

    1. I so agree but with Dominion doing the voting – do you really think the landscape will change. The local media just interviewed some ladies who it is blatantly clear they have no idea what is happening to America. Naturally it was said the people who do not support Biden didn’t wish to be filmed.

  6. How is Kerry going to fuel up his fleet of cars, boats and planes when he succeeds in his quest to limit fossil fuel. O, I get it, he will will have special exemption from restrictions be cause of his extraordinary importance to society. I am so sorry that I was out of line, Your Highness.

  7. When will the BIDEN’s ever come under prosecution for ALL their ILLEGAL activities and obtaining $’s @ the expense of the U.S. taxpayers. Why are not TREASON charges being brought to BIDEN for his conduct w/China?

  8. Joe Biden is a racist corrupt child molester and evil, and above all else a pathological liar. He should be hung by the neck until dead on Pennsylvania ave for Treason and sedition!!! It’s time to stop the corruption and treason In Washington

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