Merrick Garland Delayed Search for Weeks

National security was at risk…

That is the line that we keep hearing over and over again.

This was a matter of urgency… that is the other line we hear repeatedly.

So, why the long wait between the information, the warrant, and the execution of that warrant?

Explain It!

The second half of that equation has already been answered.

Even though the Trump documents were a matter of national security, the FBI purposely waited three days for Trump to go out of town before raiding his home.

This meant less Secret Service, and more importantly, no Donald Trump to raise hell.

BUT, if it was truly a matter of national security, why wait the three days?

As I hinted in previous reports, we know a rat gave up the information that led to the raid sometime in June.

That mirrors the letter by Trump’s attorneys to the DOJ that no classified documents were in the house.

Now people want to know why it took Garland so long to act.

The answer… he knew this would blow up, so he needed time to think about it.

But, again, national security should come first.

You see the common theme here, right? There was no urgency or they would have acted sooner on all fronts.

That leads us to my original feeling on this… a well-timed political stunt to disqualify Trump and hurt Republicans in the 2022 election.

There are usually concessions given to high-profile office holders, that would especially be the case for a former president.

That was not the case here, and one need only look at how the Hillary Clinton email scandal was handled and compare that to the FBI barging into Trump’s home and tossing it like they were going through a drug den.

Source: The Blaze

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