Michelle Obama Claims White People Treated Her ‘like she didn’t exist’

Our former First Lady has done it again…

The woman that claims that she wants to try to unite this country has just made one of the most utterly ridiculous and disgusting comments I have ever heard from a public figure of her stature.

During a recent podcast, Michelle Obama stated, “When I’ve been completely incognito during the eight years in the White House, walking the dogs on the canal, people will come up and pet my dogs, but will not look me in the eye.

“They don’t know it’s me.

“That is so telling of how white America views people who are not like them, like we don’t exist.

“And when we do exist, we exist as a threat. And that’s exhausting.”

I think those of us that are animal lovers can relate to the story.

I am guilty of doing exactly what she says, to virtually EVERY dog owner, regardless of color, I see in public because I am more interested in the animal than I am the person.

I will talk to the owner, but my attention is generally on the dog.

Obama would go on to tell a story of how someone rudely cut in line while she and her daughters were out getting ice cream, because, you know, no white person has ever had anyone cut in line of them at a store.


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For so many of us, our friendships have been absolutely critical in helping us get through our toughest days and celebrate our highest highs. And this week on the #MichelleObamaPodcast, I’m talking to a few of my girlfriends: Sharon Malone, Denielle Pemberton-Heard, and Kelly Dibble. Our conversation is a pretty good window into what I love about these ladies. We can reminisce, laugh at each other’s stories, and most of all, we can talk about what’s going on in the world or in our own lives. And with everything that’s been going on over these past few months, it’s been especially crucial for us as women of color to have friends to lean on—a group we can sort through it all together. But to me, this episode isn’t just about my friendships. It’s about yours. It’s about the old friend from school who’s been a confidante for every crucial moment of your life. It’s about the girls who cheered you on during the good times or gave you a shoulder to lean on when times were tough. It’s about the people who know you and support you like no one else. I hope that after listening to this episode, you’ll reach out to them and let them know how much they mean to you. Click the link in my bio to hear this week’s episode with my girlfriends.

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The problems she is discussing are not REAL problems but rather things that happen to people of all colors every day in this world.

Even if these particular individuals were racist, to characterize the entire population of white people over what happened in these two situations is simply outrageous.

This woman was worshipped, and still is, by liberals in this country of all colors, yet she is pissed off because someone was more interested in her dog and cut in front of her at the ice cream store.

This is her proof of systemic racism and people treating black people as though they don’t exist.

Actually, this is her attempt to create more racial divide in a country that is already tearing itself apart because of the damage caused by her husband and the Democrat party.

Grow up, Michelle, these are NOT real-world problems!

You can read the full story on Breitbart.

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