Migrant Surge Overwhelms Texas State Troopers

While the media has let the narrative die, the surge at the southern border has been relentless.

All they have focused on is that numbers dipped, but it was only slightly from previous months.

If you look at the numbers historically, this administration continues to set a new record virtually every month.

The surge is now so bad, State Troopers in West Texas are getting overwhelmed.

We Need Help!

The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) has started to move officers over from other areas to help cover the problem at the border, but they are still getting overwhelmed.

DPS officer Lt. Elizabeth Carter stated, “I’ve personally never seen any numbers like we’ve been seeing. It’s definitely an increase of activity.”

The Western States Sheriffs Association (WSSA) blasted the Biden administration for putting the state in this predicament in the first place.

It stated, “After witnessing this disaster over the past several months and listening to the continued rhetoric and intellectual dishonesty from Secretary Mayorkas, The Western States Sheriffs Association, and its membership must emphatically take our position of having NO confidence in the ability of the Secretary Mayorkas, and his leadership within the Department of Homeland Security, to affect any positive outcome on this matter.”

Don’t let the silence and misleading reports fool you, our borders are still getting crushed and overwhelmed by illegals and it will get far worse with the weather cooling off.

Source: Newsmax

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11 Responses

  1. AOC has shown once again how sick and gross uncivilized she is.. I feel she likes to be heard even if it is spewing stupidity… does she really believe that she adds value to the
    Communistic ideas or is she after PELOSI’s job. She is not intelligent enough to be more than a bartender dancing on top of the bar.
    She has lied and has us d money illegally for her escapades. Good luck you big mouth.

  2. If we had a president maybe they would do something about this border crisis but sorry – we don’t. I say activate the guard and let them loose with Apaches and A-10s. Those that aren’t vaporized would surely change their plans.

  3. I am sure a few bursts from an A-10 would change their mind in a hurry. Would not have to hit anyone just dig up the ground in front of them. This is getting old and something has to be done soon.

  4. I say plant some little surprise in the ground & see what happens! Ooops there they go! Of course there should be signs posted that there are things that don’t do well when they are stepped on!!!!! But that will be their own choice! They can go back to where they came from or take a chance on some things that go boom! I think that’s only fair since they are breaking our laws & invading our country in the first place & should expect nothing more!!!!

    1. Alligators and Pythons in those river areas would be nice. But then I feel for the little kids. They are used like vermin. Dems don’t care about them either unless they can use them!

  5. Biden has encouraged this problem at border with money.
    Brandon don’t care about border,or american’s. Our country is being destroyed fast.
    Make calls to senators do not vote for that bill. nothing good will come from it.democrats will vote for anything
    Love our country and fight enough is enough.

  6. Maybe it’s time that We the American people went down to the southern border and showed the country and the world how it’s done. We own enough guns and ammo to take care of business.

    1. I like your idea but then the Democratic Communist Party would accuse us of anarchy and causing an insurrection. They would imprison a handful of us and make examples out of us to their benefit.

  7. Branden is not the real force behind the presidential title. the deep state is in control. ONE WORLD ORDER.
    The ultimate denial of our freedom, liberty, and justice, Democracy…is moving eastward, and communism moving westward. never thought, we would live to see this. ”THE NEW WORLD ORDER” Will open the door for Satan to install the Antichrist. which will really hit us hard. nothing has impacted my thoughts of how deceiving Satan is, as did, when I SAW BUSH SN TALKING ABOUT A ”ONE WORLD ORDER.” The tone in his voice, the look of his eyes, sent fear into my heart for a moment. I thought at the time, DANG HE LOOKS EVIL. AND PRAYED. LOOK UP THE CLIP, It’s on the net.

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