Mike Pence Launches Advocacy Group to Promote Trumpism-Conservative Thinking

Well, for those that thought Pence was looking to distance himself from Trump as much as possible, we all got it wrong.

This week it was announced that Mike Pence is launching a new conservative advocacy group called Advancing American Freedom.

The goal of the group is to combine traditional conservative thinking with the new “Trumpism” movement that has formed within the party.

Broader Coalition

The new group is hoping to unite the two factions of the conservative movement that now exist within the Republican Party.

By doing so, it believes it can create a “winning formula for a broader coalition.”

The advisory board is a group of former Trump power brokers, such as Kellyanne Conway and Larry Kudlow.

The organization has also recruited David McIntosh, the president of the Club for Growth.

Pence, in a statement to the Washington Examiner, stated, “Advancing American Freedom plans to build on the success of the last four years by promoting traditional conservative values and promoting the successful policies of the Trump administration.

“Conservatives will not stand idly by as the radical left and the new administration attempt to threaten America’s standing as the greatest nation in the world with their destructive policies.”

This also seems to be the beginning of mended fences between Trump and Pence, as the former president gave a huge thumbs up to the new project.

Trump stated, “It was the most successful first term in American history.

“Nice to see Mike highlighting some of our many achievements!”

Kellyanne Conway added, “I’ve worked alongside Mike Pence for 12 years in an official capacity but have known him for decades.

“He has the heart of a servant and the mind of a policy wonk and through this issue advocacy group wants to ensure that the promise of America belongs to each and every one of us.”

Pence has been relatively quiet since leaving office, but that will also change soon enough.

In addition to the launching of this new group, Pence has his first public speaking engagement scheduled for the end of the month.

As he comes back into the public eye, it will be interesting to see if Trump supporters shun him or welcome him back to the fold.

With Trump openly offering his support of the new project, I would think it will soften the blow, at least a little bit, as Pence moves forward.

Source: Washington Examiner

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43 Responses

      1. Right on! That’s why the deep state are trying to take him down now, as he and Gov. Ron Sanchez in Florida are looking great as leading conservatives with many followers. That means they are in danger if the cabal works if history dictates. They will first attempt to destroy their reputations.

    1. I agree!! I can’t get past his former coup attempt during the primary in 2015 when he and the biggest RINO of all, Paul Ryan, conspired to defeat Trump. I will never trust Mike Pence and pray that Trump will pick someone else, a TRUE conservative, to run as his VP. Ted Cruz comes to mind.

      1. Sapphira, according the the documented testimony of the deep state member turned states evidence, they (Pence & Ryan) had been promised that Trump would be taken out before one week in office. I did not suspect Pence and was even still hanging on when our respected attorney in GA said things about Pence. Only after I found the video of the informant and read his statement implicating himself and those in the top agencies while operating as a “deep state” with the cabal. Your instincts are better than mine was before I saw the proof. I hope more Americans wake up.

  1. Yea, Mike Pence. This is a brilliant idea to keep Trump supporters together and may draw even more supporters. Great idea!!!

    1. He will lose supporters if Pence is ever on the ticked again for those that have done true research and realize from written documented government testimony released that Pence was always the mole and the enemy!

  2. Finally!!! Let’s get Republicans in elected offices to finally stand up to the democratic!! They have been meek & mild way to long. You can start by impeaching the ones that need it, get them out of there. They tried with Trump but couldn’t get him because he was honest but we know the top Dems have things we can PROVE! Go get em!!

    1. You would be a little more convincing if you backed up your statement with facts that are truthful and provide references in which you obtain information.

    2. I agree 100%. Apparently most Americans have not done their homework. I did not believe the accusations until I actually added to all of those comments from our true patriots like Lin Wood and many others, but I read the government testimony documented. No way!

  3. I DO NOT believe a word about TRUMP supporting Pence until, I see and hear it come from TRUMP himself. What is Pence”s true motivation ? Maybe another Betrail? Hard to mend a stab in the BACK !!!


  5. Mike Pence: Isn’t it to late to attempt support of the Trump movement when you turned your back on him and attended Biden’s inauguration? You showed all of us you were two faced! Biden was not elected fairly. Donald J. Trump actually won the 2020 election. The Dems committed fraudulent elections in almost every state. That is the reason why Biden is in the Presidency. He was not actually elected, but the entire Dem Party commited this fraud and Treason!

  6. Mike Pence: Isn’t it to late to attempt support of the Trump movement when you turned your back on him and attended Biden’s inauguration? You showed all of us you were two faced! Biden was not elected fairly. Donald J. Trump actually won the 2020 election. The Dems committed fraudulent elections in almost every state. That is the reason why Biden is in the Presidency. He was not actually elected, but the entire Dem Party commited this fraud and Treason!

  7. Great republican ticket ! Suggest Mr Pence and Trump work as a team. Both players work as a team. Each player be the head of specific areas, therefore, coverage can be universal and act as one. If there are irritable players are in the briefing, then a selected member of the Presidential team can deal with the issue at hand and act with Presidential powers on select issues. Thank you, Richard S. Bruno

    Suggest that the President and Vice President become aware what are the “Federal Employee Code of Conduct”. use that against them!Sandra Day O’conor training for all fed employees!!!

  8. Prayer for Godspeed to pull this together to move to change America from the path of destruction it is now on.
    Bring back Trump. There is a huge base to support him.

  9. Thank you Mike Pence. I’m originally from Indy and been in AR for 7 years and retired. It’s really upsetting to see all this crap that we can’t seem to stop. The ballots should be rechecked and people put in jail. Take illegals to DC by bus loads and dump them out. Let them clean up their own mess.


    2. Pence did not want Trump back in. It took me four years to wake up to that fact that he was actually Trump’s enemy. Although a great actor that I did not see him as the mole, go read the evidence from the whistle blower who admitted his own part in all of it along with all of those he was taking down with his testimony.

  10. So many comments about Pence betraying Trump. Sad. As I understand it, Pence did the only thing he could do according to our constitution. He stuck to the rules was all. I don’t believe he ever said he wanted to do what he had to do but he is one person who will abide by rules and regulations and I am sure Trump will understand that. This is probably the best thing that could happen to the Republican party!

  11. It really is a terrible shame that Biden got the name “president”, since he did not win the election! God is going to judge him and all of his cohorts! Just so all of you know, GOD ALWAYS WINS BECAUSE HE IS AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN IN CONTROL OF THIS ENTIRE WORLD AND ALWAYS WILL BE! Thank you Lord! I have no fear of what Satan can do through Biden except make sure he (Biden) ends up in Hell with Satan himself.

  12. I would really like Trump and Pence to run in the next election. I believe they would be great for all patriots. I also think that we have to vote in person. No more mail in ballots. That was nasty Nancy’s plan and I feel certain that the Dems will try to do that in the next election. I also firmly think we must demand Term Limits for all politicians.

  13. Pence, I have miss-givings about you and past actions. I just pray that all americans will do something in the 2022 elections, but watch ALL voting in ALL states. Don’t let 2020 voting history happen again. We need an honest man and government.

  14. I would love to see Pence and President Trump work together to kick the lib !@#$%^& to the curb and drain the swamp again and make our country great and close down the border again too and ship all the illegals back where they came from

  15. Pence did the right thing to go to pResident bidens ceremony since President Donald Trump rightfully declined. I pray Pence/ Trump can unit and overwhelmingly succeed helping replace Rinos and re-take House & Senate with Trump becoming Speaker of the House for two years, Impeach biden & harris, then Retaking President of The United States of America!! God Bless & Help Save America!!🇺🇸

  16. Once back in control, GOP should immediately proceed with removing MLB of it’s Anti Trust Immunity status. Originally baseball WAS America’s Greatest Pastime Sport, but is nothing but BIG BUSINESS only about $$$$ for Owners & Over Paid Athletics. Their WOKE mindset and desire to be Political no longer justifies them a “Free Ride” , they should pay to play!!!

  17. In my book, Pence is still a traitor to my country. He turned his back on President Trump and 75 million American citizens. All President Trump wanted was a recount of legal votes.
    Pence hid behind his religion and kissed my freedom away for communism. I will never trust Pence again. I think he kissed any chances of a political career away. Trump supporters will remember what Pence did!

  18. I totally agree 100% with Steven Winner, Lorraine Holmes, Gail Davis. “Pence turned his back on President Trump and 75+ million American citizens. All President Trump wanted was a recount of legal votes. I will never trust Pence again.” “Pence hid behind his religion and kissed our freedom away–for communism.” And…? Marxism walked right into Washington and spread throughout this once free land.

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